Hustle movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
Do you like stories about theft? Fengruan will present you with a twisted and bizarre suspenseful stealing drama - Hustle
For the gang, Mickey is the leader, with extraordinary intelligence, and all the plans for the crime came from him. Albert is an experienced veteran who played the role of a "set-up" in his later years, looking for suitable victims, and then bringing them with him. Let the victim fall into the trap of the "Legion". Ash designs the most reasonable situations and the most convenient tools to commit crimes, so that your alertness falls into the most common situations. Stacie is always ready to use her feminine charm to help the gang succeed in committing crimes, and no one can escape the beauty's tricks. Is that enough? No. The team was perfected after a young con man named Danny was taken over by Mickey.
A textbook of stealing and abducting, a group of people who pursue honesty and integrity do not cheat, want to satisfy their greed, always think of themselves, and commit crimes not for money and other principles. British gentlemen and ladies present to the audience's eye-catching meal——Hustle 
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Hustle quotes

  • Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Albert, what the hell were you doing in a church today?

    Albert Stroller: Gil Stewart died this afternoon. I was there at the end.

    Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Oh God, I'm so sorry Albert. You two were like brothers.

    Albert Stroller: We worked Vegas together. That man was made for bright lights. Poor bastard - died of a stroke in a dental surgery.

    Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Well, someone should sue them.

    Albert Stroller: Aye, he was pretending to be the dentist.

  • Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: [repeated line, by various characters] You can't con an honest man.

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