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2022-07-11 20:36
What's unique about this film is that it's very pure, looking at everything from the perspective of a young child. "I Am David" never takes preaching as its main theme, but after telling the story safely, it gives the viewer a warm hug and a heartfelt narration. There are fresh and pleasant valleys and streams in the film, as well as the vast and open scenery of Europe, which are as clear and pure as the protagonist's soul. From doubt to tolerance, from fear to smile, David's moving innocence teaches adults to see the beauty of this world. The film precipitates the scenery along the way, and also precipitates the true feelings of a child's pupils   .
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I Am David quotes

  • [first lines]

    Title Card: In the years after World War II, many people in Eastern Europe were sent to forced labor camps for disagreeing with their new governments. Because of this, families were torn apart. Life in these camps was very harsh, and escape was not an option. And yet, for one boy named David, it was his only hope...

    The Man: Are you listening to me? You must escape from here tonight. It's your only chance to stay alive. If you follow my instructions and make it out of the camp. Travel when it's dark to free Bulgaria so you won't be seen. They'll be everywhere waiting to arrest you. And unless you're very careful, you'll be caught. If you make it across the border, you must get the envelope to Denmark. First, head south to Selonika, and hide in a ship that's going to Italy. When you arrive there, travel north as far as you can. Your journey will be long and it may be impossible, but you must get this envelope to the authorities in Denmark. You must not open it. If anyone sees its contents before you get there you'll end up back here. Do you understand?

    The Man: I know you've lived in this camp your entire life, but there is a world outside it. However, it's a very dangerous world. Trust no one.

  • Swiss Border Guard: Our orders are to check everyone's papers, even children.

    Sophie: Couldn't you relax the rules for a bit? All he wants to do is to come into your country and over throw the government and then rush right out again.

    Swiss Border Guard: [breaks into laughter] All right Mrs. Andersen, have a nice day. And young man, see if you can get us all pay raises while you're taking over our country.

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