I Am David evaluation action

2022-07-11 20:36
What's unique about this film is that it's very pure, looking at everything from the perspective of a young child. "I Am David" never takes preaching as its main theme, but after telling the story safely, it gives the viewer a warm hug and a heartfelt narration. There are fresh and pleasant valleys and streams in the film, as well as the vast and open scenery of Europe, which are as clear and pure as the protagonist's soul. From doubt to tolerance, from fear to smile, David's moving innocence teaches adults to see the beauty of this world. The film precipitates the scenery along the way, and also precipitates the true feelings of a child's pupils   .
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I Am David quotes

  • Sophie: You've got a very interesting face. Would you mind if I painted it?

    David: What color do you want to paint my face.

  • David: Is that what I look like?

    Sophie: To me, yes. That's my impression of you. That's why it's called impressionistic painting. So... What do you see when you look at it.

    David: Me.

    Sophie: Yes, that's not quite what I meant. You have to look at paintings diffently from the way you look at other things. More closely and see what it says to you.


    Sophie: Well... when I look at the boy in that painting, I see a very intelligent, very serious person, and a good person, but - there's something about the eyes and the face that seems lost and sad. But that's as far as I can see, because he doesn't want to let the world see any further.

    David: Do you really see all that?

    Sophie: [laughs] Yes. Yes, I do.

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