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2022-03-31 08:01
Lingesan (Kennedy John Victor) is a Chennai suburban bodybuilder whose main goal is to become Mr. India. He first won the Tamil Nadu title, which qualified him for the Mr. India contest. He's also a fan of Dia (Amy jackson) and watches every ad admirably.
Dia is a beautiful supermodel, but her career is in jeopardy when she rejects another male supermodel, John (Upen Patel), and her contract has been blacklisted in many commercials. In order to save her career, Dia was going to shoot an advertisement. When the male protagonist could not choose John, she accidentally saw a promotional advertisement shot by Lingesan and decided to let Lingesan replace John as the male lead in the advertisement.
When Lingesan saw Dia, whom he admired and asked him to participate in her advertisement, after choosing between Mr. India and her idol for a long time, she decided to follow her idol to shoot an advertisement in China.
Before going to China, Lingesan was given a makeover by Osma Jasmine (Ojas rajani), a famous transgender designer invited by Dia, and was hyped by the media. When John saw the Dia he wanted to get, he actually abandoned himself and chose a little-known little person as the hero. He was angry and decided to teach this ignorant person a good lesson.
Lingesan and Dia arrived in China, and when they were filming, because Lingesan's performance was not professional, Dia pretended to fall in love with Lingesan under the arrangement of the director, and Lingesan was moved by Dia and moved his true feelings, and devoted himself to his true temperament. Shooting activities, making the shooting process smooth and smooth.
Osma Jasimine, a transgender who had a crush on Lingesan, was stimulated because Lingesan and Diya had a fake drama. She told Lingesan the truth at a party. Lingesan learned the truth after asking Diya, and chose to forgive. Dia. But Dia was disturbed because he deceived Lingesan, and in the subsequent shooting, he was always unable to devote himself to the state. In the end, Lingesan knocked on Dia's heart, and Dia also began to like Lingesan.
After returning from China, Dia's commercials with Lingesan were well received, and Lingesan also became a hot supermodel.
Lingesan is in the limelight and is constantly shooting big commercials, but the former supermodel John has to shoot some small commercials because of the cancellation of the advertising contract, so he holds a grudge against Lingesan. Lingesan, because of his integrity, would not take some bad advertisements, so he refused the beverage advertising contract of the industrialist Indrakumar (Ramkumar Ganesan), and also advertised the harmfulness of the beverage in front of the media, which caused Indrakumar's company to suffer heavy losses.
During a celebration, the loving Dia and Lingesan announced to everyone that they were going to get married. And the doctor Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi) who has been secretly in love with Diya - he is Diya's uncle and Lingesan's long-time friend and doctor, but with transgender Osma, entrepreneur Indrakumar, supermodel John and an underworld leader Ravi, Conspiracy to frame Lingesan.
After being framed by them, Lingesan got a kind of H4N2 flu, which made her body aging and deformed, and became an ugly person.
When Lingesan had no love, he personally planned the car accident of his own death and hid incognito, only his younger brother had been taking care of him.
And the doctor Vasudevan successfully got engaged to Dia. Just the day before they were about to get married, another doctor told Lingesan that his illness was framed by someone. their faces.
When Lingesan was humiliated endlessly by them, he decided to take revenge on them.
In the end, several people who framed Lingesan tasted the taste of being framed, and Dia, after learning the fact that Lingesan had become ugly, did not abandon him, and still chose to live with him. 
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