Ice evaluation action

2022-05-15 15:37
"Ice" inherits the classic Hollywood narrative mode in play and structure, and several important character conflicts are designed quite intensely. The most worth mentioning is that the interspersed rap and stage performances strengthen the expression of comedy, and the embellishment is more restrained, but it is helpful to the progress of the plot, which is most prominent in the final climax   . ( Review
If "Ice" is only regarded as a love movie, then in the end, Naja missed the championship or even the effective ranking, but the ending where she and Sasha came together in the blessings of the crowd, although it is a little cliché, can still be called a success. It conveys the theme of "love is the greatest miracle in the world". But from another point of view, "Ice" seems to violate the reality of competitive sports, and it does not reflect the sports spirit of continuous struggle. In general, "Ice" is not as sharp as ice knives and fighting on the field as shown at the beginning, but walks high and low, and returns to the routine of Mary Sue, which is embarrassing   .
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