In the Flesh movie plot

2022-02-04 08:28
Season 1: Four years after the zombie apocalypse, humans defeated zombies with their own wisdom and discovered a way to transform zombies. Actually zombies are not dead, they are just PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome). The protagonist Kieren (Gillon Walker, Luke Newberry ) and other PDS partners received treatment, regained their consciousness, and returned to their hometown of Norton Village (Roarton) to meet their parents and sister who were longing for each other. Jem (Jimima, Harriet Cains ). However, the villagers thought they were dead and feared the danger of the returning PDS, so they were reluctant to accept them, especially Bill, the leader of the human volunteer army in the village, who even threatened to kill all the PDS. The Kieren family tried to keep the secret, but the secret was finally leaked. Just as Kieren was facing the pursuit, Bill learned that his eldest son Rick had also become a PDS. When Rick returned, things seemed to turn around.
Season 2: The gloomy Norton Village did not usher in the dawn due to the disbandment of the Volunteer Army. Normal people in the UK who fear "Partial Death Syndrome" have set up a survival party to maliciously scold their compatriots. The radicals among the half-dead should form a resurrected People's Liberation Army, and they will not hesitate to turn into brutal zombies to take revenge. Gillen Walker mourns the passing of her lover and longs to find a new life in relatively peaceful Europe. His relationship with his sister Jemima is repaired, but Xiaojie is still not haunted by the horrific experiences of the former Volunteer Army   . Amy (Amy Dyer, Emily Bevan ) and her boyfriend Simon (Simon Monroe, Scan Scan ), as the backbone of the resurrected People's Liberation Army, are eager to set off a great revolution about freedom in Norton Village. At the same time, the staunch life support MP Martin's move into Norton will undoubtedly bring all the contradictions to a climax. Friends and relatives, everyone's fate is under unprecedented test. 
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  • Lenna 2022-03-17 09:01:10

    Be a literary zombie who loves to play base~~~

  • Lenna 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    Not to mention how good-looking it is, but the whole setting is so great that the male protagonist is so impressed!

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