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2022-03-21 08:01
"Infamous" is another film that tells the life story of Truman Capote, the founder of non-fiction literature, after the film "Capote". Since the latter pearl and jade are in the front, it is inevitable that the film will be compared with it. Regrettably, from the perspective of comprehensive media reviews, this film, which also describes the process of Capote's creation of the novel "Cold Blood", has not reached the height of "Capote".
Although the story crashes, but "Capote" focuses on the communication between Capote and the prisoner, the narrative focus of the film is on the relationship between Capote and his childhood friend Harper Lee. The film depicts the loneliness of the talented Capote delicately, and captures the atmosphere of the mid-twentieth century with precision. Although the male protagonist Toby Jones is not as aggressive as Philip Seymour Hoffman, he still subtly reproduces Truman Capote's voice and smile; Impressive; Daniel Wroughton Craig, the killer role, shows a monster-like sense of oppression. However, although the film performed well in terms of acting, art, and photography, the director, editing, and screenwriting were far from satisfactory. Director Mike Glass counteracted some of the settings in the film with almost different points of view, diluting the tension of the film   .
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  • Eduardo 2022-03-21 09:03:31

    At that time, it was aimed at the protagonist of "Capote".

  • Rosetta 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Dig! This is the movie I've seen all the time! Too bad I can't remember it! mark!

Infamous quotes

  • Nelle Harper Lee: America is not a country where the small gesture goes noticed. We're not a country like France, where charm -- something light or effervescent -- can survive. We want everything you have, and we want it as fast as you can turn it out.

  • Diana Vreeland: Here's a word I loathe: eccentric. Eccentric is a word that boring people use to describe someone I think of as interesting. A great many people think of me as eccentric simply because when I have my shoes polished, I have the entire shoe polished. Top, sides and soles. Some people think it eccentric that every morning I have my maid iron my money. When I told Truman I had my maid iron my money, you know what he said? Here's what he didn't say: "How eccentric." Here's what he did say: "How wonderful."

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