Inuyasha movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
During the Warring States Period, Inuyasha, the son of the great monster King Yaya and the human princess Izayoi , was rejected by humans and monsters because of his identity, and wanted to get the jade of the four souls in order to become a real monster ; Protect and purify the Jade of the Four Souls, and use your spiritual power to constantly fight the monsters who come to snatch the Jade of the Four Souls. Although the two people drawn by the red thread of fate are beginning to be hostile to each other, they are also connected by the jade of the four souls. Kikyō discovered the kindness under Inuyasha's rude appearance and the same loneliness as himself; and Inuyasha also saw Kikyō in the Beneath the lofty exterior is actually a lonely heart that longs to be loved.
In the constant mutual understanding, the two finally fell in love, and agreed to use the power of the jade of the four souls to make Inuyasha a human being, and Kikyō, who had ended his guardianship mission, could also return to ordinary life and stay with his lover for life. However, the tragedy kicked off - on the appointed day, an unforeseen change occurred.
Kikyō rescued Onigumo, a thief with burns all over his body , and Onigumo gradually developed evil thoughts towards Kikyō. He wanted to get Kikyō and the jade of the four souls, so he sold himself to many monsters, and the evil はんよう was born - Naraku . Naraku secretly designed Inuyasha and Kikyō to think they had been betrayed by each other. Kikyō used his last breath to seal Inuyasha on the Mikami tree, causing Inuyasha to enter an eternal sleep. It is worth noting that Inuyasha's expression was very serene when he was sealed. And Kikyō chose to be cremated with the Jade of the Four Souls, following Inuyasha who "betrayed" her. 
Five hundred years later, Kikyō's soul was reincarnated as a modern-day girl, Higurashiかごめ, a lively, strong, yet ordinary third-year student. On her 15th birthday, she was forcibly brought to the Warring States Period by the monster hundred-footed witch in the Bone-eating Well at home, traveled through time and space, and met Inuyasha, who had been sealed on the Goshen Tree for fifty years. The monster came to snatch the jade of the four souls hidden in Kagome's body. In a hurry, Kagome undid the seal of Inuyasha and awakened the sleeping Inuyasha. Later, when recovering the Jade of the Four Souls that was snatched by the corpse dance bird, Kagome accidentally shot the Jade of the Four Souls, breaking it into pieces and scattered them all over the place. In order to collect all the Jade Fragments of the Four Souls, Inuyasha and Kagome start their journey accompanied by Miroku , Coral ,しっぽう, and Kirara . 
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  • Bailey 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    It was extremely boring at the end. . If not for sesshomaru sama. . .

  • Elinore 2022-03-22 09:03:01

    Japanese manga, okay.

Inuyasha quotes

  • Kagome: [after Miroku observes that Inuyasha isn't such a bad guy] Miroku is right. Inuyasha could have killed the artist, and ended the trouble in one blow. But instead, he spared the man's life and went straight for the ink pot. Yeah, I guess Inuyasha's all right. He just doesn't know it yet. I might tell him, someday, if the time is ever right.

  • Inuyasha: [thinking about Kagome] As long as she's alive and well, that's all I hope for. I can't bear to see another woman die.

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