It Could Happen to You movie plot

2022-01-07 15:54
Charlieis a good policeman who is kind, gentle, and loves children, but he has a vain and selfish wife Muriel. They are noisy like all couples who don’t fit in , but Charlie is always Patience. One day Charlie's wife said that she dreamed of her father and believed that it had a special meaning, and told Charlie to buy lottery tickets. The kind-hearted Charlie had no money to tip Evaduring breakfast . He agreed that if the lottery wins the lottery, one person will be divided into half. No Real Eva didn't expect a miracle to happen, and Charlie's lottery won a huge prize of four million dollars. Charlie, who kept his promise, gave half of the bonus to Eva, allowing Eva to get rid of a life of bankruptcy and poverty, despite his wife's grievances. The wife of the rich man was chatting and laughing in the upper class, and Charlie and the equally kind and enthusiastic Eva got closer and closer. The wife took the two to court to get back their own property, and Charlie and Eva lost the case. The two who planned to leave the city spent the last night in their coffee shop and gave Williamsa penniless black man in the rainy night, a bowl of hot soup. This black reporter who had worked hard for ten years in New York City wrote the night’s experience in the newspaper. People all over New York City knew the story of this kind-hearted couple and sent them their own tips. With letters like snowflakes, Charlie and Eva relied on the tips of kind people all over New York City to redeem their coffee shops and live a happy life   .
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  • Lucinda 2022-03-26 09:01:10

    I saw it in the movie part at the end of CCTV's Chia Tai variety show 800 years ago. Since the Chia Tai variety show is gone, this movie with ambiguous memory is still in my heart, so I will give it 4 stars.

  • Kiarra 2022-04-23 07:03:28

    Shouldn't it be so fake, it ends in imitation of It's a wonderful life

It Could Happen to You quotes

  • Charlie Lang: Meatball! That's what I want!

  • Yvonne Biasi: Who wants ice cream on their pie? Who wants pie?

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