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2022-04-08 08:01
Although the film has "brightened" the ending of the novel, it is still very bleak and depressing for a movie. Hardy's novels have a fatalistic tinge, because personal will can never beat the rules and regulations of the world, just like an egg hitting a stone will not end well. The film's photography expresses this emotion very vividly: except for the heroine Su who always appears with a touch of brilliance, the whole film is shrouded in cool tones.  
The film does not compromise at all, and the pessimistic fate is like the original  
British director Michael Winterbottom did an excellent job, and the cinematography was especially beautiful. The passionate scenes of the male and female protagonists are quite shocking.  
The film depicts this tragedy from the aspects of personal background, social environment and character behavior, showing the injustice of the society at that time and the sorrow of the young people at that time.  
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  • Stan 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    "If there is only one husband and wife in the world, it is us", their tragedy is not because of money, but because of the shackles, from the marriage contract, God's. It turned out to be an adaptation of a novel by Thomas Hardy, and another film, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, was a favorite. soundtrack is good

  • Garett 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    1) The tragedies written by Hardy always have a sense of fate, a hopeless love under the oppression of social religion and morality 2) The movie has gone all the way through the novel's plot, only the picture has no point of view, like a bystander indifferently recording a moth to a fire Incest love 3) Jiu Shu still laughed like a fool when he was young

Jude quotes

  • Sue Bridehead: Please don't call me a clever girl, Mr. Phillotson, there are too many of us about these days.

  • Sue: Why are you looking at me like that?

    Jude Fawley: Does it scare you?

    Sue: No. I am not afraid of any man.

    Jude Fawley: Why?

    Sue: Because no man would touch a woman unless she gives him reason to. A touch or a look that say come on. If you never look, they'll never come. You are the timid sex.

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