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2022-04-08 08:01
Although the film has "brightened" the ending of the novel, it is still very bleak and depressing for a movie. Hardy's novels have a fatalistic tinge, because personal will can never beat the rules and regulations of the world, just like an egg hitting a stone will not end well. The film's photography expresses this emotion very vividly: except for the heroine Su who always appears with a touch of brilliance, the whole film is shrouded in cool tones.  
The film does not compromise at all, and the pessimistic fate is like the original  
British director Michael Winterbottom did an excellent job, and the cinematography was especially beautiful. The passionate scenes of the male and female protagonists are quite shocking.  
The film depicts this tragedy from the aspects of personal background, social environment and character behavior, showing the injustice of the society at that time and the sorrow of the young people at that time.  
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  • Clovis 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    Based on Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Nameless". The tear between traditional morality and human nature is true. Although they are not married, there is no one in the world who is more like a husband and wife than them. Faced with the heavy blow of losing a child, the most rebellious Su tends to be conservative in order to seek inner peace. In the end, neither of the two separated will be happy. For the first time, the barrier to be broken is not the world, not the family, not the cage of a piece of paper, but the traditional concept of retribution for good and evil deeply rooted in the heart.

  • Laverna 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    This is one of the tragic films that are not good for the whole person after watching it. The life of the hero Jude is certainly a tragedy, and his love story and family encounter with the heroine is certainly a tragedy, but for me, the saddest tragedy in this is the heroine. An intellectual woman with a rebellious spirit, independent, strong, thoughtful, and idealistic, she ignores prejudice, is not afraid of suffering, and is cast aside and unyielding, but is tightly bound by the invisible shackles of society, under the huge impact of losing her child , finally collapsed, bowed to fate, succumbed to religion, and the fire of life was extinguished. It is a tragedy for people to encounter misfortune in life, but the most tragic tragedy is to blame all misfortunes on oneself, leaving only pain and gloom in life, and atonement until death.

Jude quotes

  • Sue Bridehead: They locked me up for being out with you, so I jumped out of the window, climbed over a fence, crossed the deepest river in England and here I am!

  • [last lines]

    Jude Fawley: We are man and wife, if ever two people were on this earth.

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