Keinohrhasen evaluation action

2022-03-24 08:01
Although the overall plot has not fallen into the same pattern, the dialogue and jokes of the film are wonderful. The bold adult humor and large-scale nude scenes are enough to attract the audience's attention. The whole movie becomes fresh and lively   .
It's a good comedy, with smooth acting, witty dialogue, well-timed and well-timed, and especially wonderful self-deprecations   .
The actors acted out the character traits perfectly. While the story feels overly dramatic and stylized, it's still an excellent comedy that resonates with audiences thanks to its top-notch dialogue and creative design   .
The film is stylized, the plot is old-fashioned, the jokes are blunt, and the details are still rough. It is not an excellent comedy   .
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  • Anna Gutslowsky: Jeder Affe haette das besser hinbekommen!

    Ludo Dekker: Ja, wenn er Holländisch kann.

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