Khakee production and distribution

2022-10-18 22:42
Production Company:
DMS Films
Eros Entertainment Inc. [US] (2004) (USA) (DVD)
Eros International Ltd. [UK] (2004) (UK) (DVD)
Eros Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. [India] (2004) (India) (DVD)
EuroVideo [Germany] (2006) (Germany) (DVD)
Stunt Production Company:
EFX Magic in Motion (digital grading)/(visual effects)
other companies:
Abhishek Cine Equipments [India] camera equipment (as Abhishek Enterprises)
Aggarwal Traders [India] set material (as Agarwal Traders)
Ajantha Glass set material
Aradhana Sound Services [India] live effects
Audeus [India] telecine transfer
Big Screen Entertainment [India] light equipment
Bollywood Film Equipment camera equipment (as Bollywood)
Cafe Coffee Day acknowledgement
Channel V [India] media publicity partner
DMS Films lighting equipment
Evergreen Decorators [India] set material
Gaurav Digital [India] re-recording
Glamour Photolab Pvt. Ltd. (I) [India] publicity design (as Glamour)/publicity printers (as Glamour)
web-site and on-line promotions
HDFC Bank [India] banker
Himalaya Timber N' Plywood [India] set material (as Himalaya Timber)
Hollywood Cine Equipment camera equipment provided by (as Hollywood)
House of Art [India] set material
India Assurance Company insurance (as New India Assurance Co. Ltd)
JK Travels and Tours travels and tours: Pune
Junaid Timber set material
Kamal Sandhu Transport travels and tours
Kundan Cutlery Stores set material (as Kundan Store)
Lucky Travels & Associates [India] travels and tours (as Lucky Tours & Travels)
Magic Master jimmy jib equipment
Mazda Photo Lab stills color lab (as Mazda Lab)
Mind Share marketing tie-ups
Modern Furniture [India] set material
Mohan Colour Lab and Studio stills color lab (as Mohan Colour Lab)
Mohapatra Magic Pvt. Ltd. [India] jimmy jib equipment (as Mohapatra Movie Magic pvt Ltd)
Mukta Arts Ltd. [India] telecine transfer
Natraj Canteen catering (as Natraj Studio Canteen)
Neon Telecine Equipments lighting equipment
New Modern Furnitures set material
Nilkanth Tours & Travels (I) [India] travels and tours
PP Enterprises crane and rostrum/shooting equipments
Power Point [India] generators
Prasad Productions Pvt. Ltd. [India] digital intermediate (as Prasad Film Lab)
Prime Focus Ltd. [India] on-air promos
Rajasthan Crane crane and rostrum
Rakesh Enterprises camera equipment
Ramsay Technics post-production
Rose Travels [India] travels and tours
Sajjad & Co. travels and tours (as Sajjad Khan)
Samta Sahakari Bank Ltd. banking services (as Samatha Sahakari Bank Ltd.)
Sher Films editing equipment
Showbiz Enterprises and Studios song recorded at (as Show Biz)
Shri Balaji Traders camera equipment (as Balaji)
Sree Sai Enterprises shooting equipments
Super Cassettes Industries Limited (T-Series) [India] soundtrack (as T-Series)
Super Lights special lights for "Aisa Jadoo"
Techno Kraft camera equipment (as Techno Craft)
Tip Top Furnishing set material
UB Group acknowledgement
United 4 camera equipment (as United-4)
Venus Equipments camera equipment provided by (as Venus)
Vinod & Co. junior artists co-ordination
Zen Films [India] steadicam
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Khakee quotes

  • DCP Anant Kumar Shrivastav: [Catching up with the rest at hospital entrance, having lost all hope] This mission is over for all of you.

    [All characters looking towards Amitabh Bachchan confused]

    DCP Anant Kumar Shrivastav: By now I am sure you have realised that the very people who sent us to apprehend Ansari don't want Ansari to reach the court. In such circumstances it's near to impossible to get Ansari to the court. If we are to continue this mission, our battle will be against the entire establishment and for once even if we do succeed in our motive, we will face reprisals from the government. We'll get suspended, dismissed or even jailed. I've decided I'll go the distance. You people are young, you've your entire lives ahead of you. I'd like all of you to return back home.

    [Turns around to enter the hospital]

    Sr. Inspector Shekhar Verma: Well done Sir. You want to do all the noble deeds all alone. Ok, I accept I've been a bad cop, done a lot of awful things. But this is the only time I am getting a chance at redemption, and you want to grab it from me ? I am not going back. Last night, I was exceptionally rude to you, for that I apologize, but please don't send me back Sir.


    Sr. Inspector Shekhar Verma: If you wouldn't take me along, I would tail you. But I am coming with you.

    Constable Kamlesh Sawant: I am also with you Sir. To the end.

    Constable Gajanan Mhatre: I am also with you Sir. If I lose this job, be it.

    Sub Inspector Ashwin Gupte: I am also with you Sir. But only till we can get Ansari to Mumbai. Once there, I am resigning from this job.

    Mahalaxshmi: [Reluctantly] I too would like to accompany you Sir.

    DCP Anant Kumar Shrivastav: Alright. If that's so, from now on, there's no communication with Mumbai.

  • Minister Deodhar: [Watching Amitabh Bachchan's live statement to the television media regarding Ansari's case] Did you just hear what this guy said ? He happens to be chosen by you for God sake.

    ACP Naidu: Calm down. I'll call him over to my office and talk him out of this.

    Minister Deodhar: [Sarcastically angry] Ohh right, I forgot all what YOU care about is the chair of position, not the one who occupies it.

    ACP Naidu: It's not so. Please just relax. Have tea.

    Minister Deodhar: [Angrily throws off all utensils and shouts] Damn it !

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