Knights of the Zodiac movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
Saint Seiya was originally a group of heroic warriors. When the earth loses peace, this group of Saint Seiya will appear to maintain justice. Thirteen years ago, a golden saint, Aiolos, ran out of the sanctuary with a baby girl. The baby girl was Athena. Aiolos was killed and it all started. The protagonist Seiya and the rest of the bronze saints fight fiercely to protect Athena.
In the ancient mythological age, Zeus in the sky, Poseidon in the sea, and Hades in the underworld all coveted the earth on which human beings lived. In order to protect the weak, Athena, the goddess of peace, stood up and fought against the evil Shinto. At the same time, some brave, good-hearted, just and kind-hearted teenagers surrounded the goddess and fought side by side with her. They can split the sky with one palm and the ground with one foot. These teenagers who fight without weapons and completely rely on their bare hands are called "Saints of the Goddess". Since the age of mythology, Athena and her holy warriors have waged countless holy wars against the evil gods. The time has come to modern times. Five bronze saints, such as Seiya, Zilong, Glacier, Shun, and Ikki, have grown up in the war. They have defeated the pope who conspired to usurp the throne and Poseidon, the sea god who wanted to drown the earth. Hades the dark underworld. For the sake of the earth and human beings, Athena and the saints have come forward again and again.
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