Krrish movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
Continuing the story of the Indian hero Rohi: after receiving the superpower and wisdom endowed by aliens, Rohi met a beautiful woman and gave birth to a son Krishna. However, due to a traffic accident, Krishna lost his parents and lived with his grandmother.
When Krishna grew up, he discovered that in addition to the handsome face he inherited from his father, he also possessed superpowers that would change his life. After a chance encounter, Krishna fell in love with Pelia, a girl from Singapore. After Pelia returned to China, Krishna was heartbroken, and his grandmother suggested that he go to Singapore to pursue his true love.
One night, Krishna and Priya went to enjoy a circus performance, but a fire broke out, blocking all exits and trapping the audience and circus members in tents. Desperate spectators can only expect small miracles in the fire. At this point, Krishna immediately transformed into the Strange Demon and unleashed his mighty power to save all those present.
After this battle, Krishna realized that behind his great power, he bears the fate of protecting the public, and the ultimate task of this fate is to fight against the evil doctor and prevent him from his terrifying plan to control the world. 
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  • Rosemary 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    Handsome guys and beauties are worth one star each, the plot is nothing to watch, the Mandarin dubbing is even more rubbish, and the dubbing is a bit ups and downs, so what are the voice actors~

  • Hailee 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    It's ok except for the bad dance interspersed and bad special effects in Indian films

Krrish quotes

  • [repeated line]

    Dr. Siddhant Arya: Breaking news!

  • Krishna: Actually those fish knew me, they stood by me.

    Priya: But you're not standing by me!

    Krishna: I've come to stand by you for life, Priya.

    Priya: For life? When my mother asks you what you do? What will you say?

    Krishna: I'll tell her what I do, Love you.

    Priya: And... what else will you say?

    Krishna: I'll fulfill all your wishes, look after you.

    Priya: And...?

    Krishna: I'll never let a smile leave your face.

    Priya: And...?

    Krishna: Whether times good or bad, we'll always be together, just like eyelashes are with the eyes.

    Priya: And...?

    Krishna: You will dream and I'll fulfill them.

    Priya: And...?

    Krishna: In the scorching heat of the sun, I'll be your shade, and in the cold, I'll give you warmth. When the rain bothers you, I'll change the course of the clouds; and when a storm blows, I'll turn the winds away.

    [Priya trips and Krishna catches her]

    Krishna: That's how I shall protect you all my life, from every danger, from every trouble. Now I hope your mother will agree

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