Kwaidan movie plot

2022-03-13 08:01
"Black Hair"
In ancient times, there was a samurai in Kyotowho abandoned his wife, traveled far away, and got married again. The second wife does not understand love and is willful. The samurai missed his old wife and returned to Kyoto. His wife has been waiting for him. He told his wife that he fell asleep. When he woke up the next day, he found that he was not sleeping beside his wife, but a pile of bones. At this moment, a mass of black hair wrapped around him, and it became tighter and tighter until he was entangled to death.
"Snow Girl"
The woodcutter Minoyoshiand an old man encountered a blizzard in the forest and hid in a wooden house. At night, a snow girlsuddenly broke in, breathing white, and the old man was blown to death. die. Soon after, Minoyoshi met a beautiful girl named Yukiko and married her. One night, Yoshiyoshi told Axue what happened in the hut on the mountain. I only heard that A Xue said, "The snow woman is me."
"Earless Fragrance One"
A blind rap artist named Fangyi. He often sings Heike stories. Yoshiichi lives in the temple with his companions, and he quietly goes out every night to sing in front of the Hei family's tomb. It turned out that he was guided by a ghost, and he felt as if he had come before a noble person, so he sang very vigorously. The host at the temple had someone write scriptures on Fangyi's body, but due to negligence, scriptures were not written on his ears. At night, the ghost came to Fangyi again, but he couldn't see Fangyi's body, only saw two ears, so he tore off Fangyi's ears and took it away.
"In a Tea Bowl"
A samurai named Kannai, while drinking tea, finds a terrifying samurai's face in the tea bowl. Kanai drank the tea in one breath. A few days later, an unknown person came to visit him. He found that this person's face was exactly the same as the one in the tea bowl, and Guan Nei drew his knife and chopped it off, and the person disappeared without a sound. Then came three more warriors who claimed to be his servants, and he cut off one after another, and cut more and more   .
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  • Laurine 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    9.1; It is no thought, but not thought

  • Drake 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    The works of extremely high artistic level, with horror but without resorting to sensory stimulation, depict the classical world flowing with oriental sentiments in the original work with a large number of symbolic techniques.

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