Labyrinth of Lies evaluation action

2022-04-01 08:01
A German film about World War II reflections,
Many people chose to remain silent about the disgraceful history, but a prosecutor who ignored all obstructions broke into the maze resolutely. During the viewing process, I once questioned whether the justice advocated by this prosecutor was appropriate? When the subtitles of the movie came up, it was revealed that this was a judicial struggle based on real history, citing his correctness with persistence and success.
Some of the most famous sentences about Auschwitz include the German-Jewish sociologist and philosopher Theodor Adorno in his essay "Cultural Criticism and Society": "After Auschwitz, Poetry is barbaric". This sentence has always been interpreted in different ways, but I think maybe it can be explained in this way, Auschwitz has torn the warmth and rationality of Western civilization.
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  • Kirsten 2022-04-07 09:01:06

    Auschwitz is the most exciting (for both the characters and the audience) at the beginning of the show, and the male protagonist's obsession with chasing Mendler's line is not bad. But the subject matter is too heavy, the screenwriter wants to cover everything as much as possible, and there are some dramatic turns in the protagonist, but the film loses its strength. Compared with spotlight, the latter's way of going all the way to the dark feels much more frightening.

  • Earl 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Late judgment, but someone turned those silences into shouts. It is a pity that Auschwitz's biggest executioner, the doctor, was not brought to justice. It is a pity that 17 of the 19 people in the largest trial refused to admit the crime. It is a pity that the male protagonist even questioned his own father. But without such a wash, how can it be possible to remain innocent? The rigor and courage of the Germans are indeed worthy of admiration. After all, what really exists in history will not be erased even if you pretend to lose your memory.

Labyrinth of Lies quotes

  • Major Parker: You were all Nazis. In the Eastern sector, now you are all communists. Jesus, you Germans! If little green men from Mars landed tomorrow, you would all become green.

  • Johann Radmann: ...the only response to Auschwitz is to do the right thing yourself.

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