Labyrinth of Lies evaluation action

2022-04-01 08:01
A German film about World War II reflections,
Many people chose to remain silent about the disgraceful history, but a prosecutor who ignored all obstructions broke into the maze resolutely. During the viewing process, I once questioned whether the justice advocated by this prosecutor was appropriate? When the subtitles of the movie came up, it was revealed that this was a judicial struggle based on real history, citing his correctness with persistence and success.
Some of the most famous sentences about Auschwitz include the German-Jewish sociologist and philosopher Theodor Adorno in his essay "Cultural Criticism and Society": "After Auschwitz, Poetry is barbaric". This sentence has always been interpreted in different ways, but I think maybe it can be explained in this way, Auschwitz has torn the warmth and rationality of Western civilization.
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Extended Reading
  • Kristina 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    Although the plot and themes are super serious, the tone, scenes, and shots are so pleasing to the eye...especially the last 2 twenty minutes

  • Friedrich 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    The subject matter and perspective are very good. The post-30s German post-war young people are the main line, and the implication is obvious. All darkness should not be buried in the long river of history, and the efforts of these people at that time are inseparable from Germany's step to the democratic benchmark.

Labyrinth of Lies quotes

  • Johann Radmann: [reads from record of interrogation] A small boy, about 5 years old, jumped off the truck. He was holding an apple. Boger was standing at the door. The boy stood beside the truck and was so happy about the apple. Boger went up to the boy, grabbed him by the feet, and smashed his head against the wall. Then Boger picked up the apple and told me to clean up the mess on the wall. And then Boger ate the apple. - Everyday life in Auschwitz.

  • [last lines]

    Bailiff: The Jury Court at Frankfurt is now in session.

    closing title card: The Auschwitz trial started in 1963. 213 survivors of the concentration and extermination camp gave testimony.

    closing title card: 19 SS men who had served at Auschwitz were charged in the largest trial of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    closing title card: 17 of them were found guilty. Throughout the 20-month trial, none of the defendants showed any remorse.

    closing title card: Fritz Bauer dies of heart failure in 1968. Josef Mengele lives undisturbed in Brazil until his death in 1979. He dies in a swimming accident.

    closing title card: The trial is seen as a turning-point in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. The crimes of the Nazi regime could no longer be suppressed.

    closing title card: In memory of attorney general Fritz Bauer, public prosecutor Joachim Kügler, Georg Friedrich Vogel, Gerhard Wiese, and journalist Thomas Gnielka.

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