Lady Macbeth evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
The sound of the film is extremely simple to adopt and use, with no modification, no atmosphere design, limited scenes, simple modeling, simple lens language, and concise and powerful narrative lines   .
The film is a revenge drama from a female perspective. From depression to explosion, from pity to disgust, there is only a thin line between kindness and cruelty. The film is full of classical depression from the composition picture to the narrative rhythm, but it tells an eternal proposition.  .
"Repression" is the "original sin" of the camera language of this film. All the characters are poisoned under the camera, even the tables, chairs, stools, plates and spoons in the camera. Most of the interior plays are cool in tone, without any decoration, and the exquisite European-style furniture stands out no matter where they are poked, as if they are playing back with the whole piece of icy dialogue. The actors also look ordinary, and their performances are as plain as their looks, revealing the boredom of life. Whether or not the director did it on purpose, he did manage to take away the full luster of the movie. And the feelings generated in this atmosphere are also dry and bitter  .
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Extended Reading
  • Janie 2022-04-07 09:01:06

    "Lady Macbeth" is adapted from the Russian novel of the same name (haven't read the original), the picture is as quiet as an oil painting, and the film plot is as repressed as a frigid style; although it is a Russian classic, adapted into a BBC film, the geographical characters have changed, and the girl's family background He was forced to go to the manor's house to be his wife, but on the wedding night, the old and irritable old man just ordered the bride to take off her nightgown and stand naked in front of the bed, while he fell asleep by himself. Facing the lifeless newly-married life, she is like a puppet who gets bored with changing clothes every day. As her husband and father-in-law left, she was free to breathe the fresh air of the field. One day, she encountered the groom and the housekeeper playing games with the maid. She curiously broke into another wild and unruly life circle. The groom hugged Mrs. Macbeth by the waist, and she became furious, but such intimacy and teasing produced ripples of passion in her youthful and lonely heart. Finally, in the half-pushed barn, she was transformed from a young woman to a woman, and as a prisoner A woman who has been around for too long seems to have been nourished by love and can't help it, she began to spend all kinds of time with this stout man in broad daylight.

  • Polly 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I feel that it may be better if there is a Russian version adaptation.

Lady Macbeth quotes

  • Katherine: [Pointing at Sebastian's belt on the floor] I found it in the fields.

    Alexander: And decided to keep it?

    Katherine: Holds my skirts up.

    Alexander: Are you skirts in danger of falling down?

  • Alexander: So... you have become a whore in my absence, Katherine... You think me to be stupid, perhaps... But perhaps you had no idea that your whoring had been noticed... You seem surprised... And surprised that the news of you opening your legs and your cunt for any worthless dog should have traveled across the county and reached my ears, but then you opened your legs so very wide, Katherine... And you've acted so very shamelessly and so very stupidly. And you've begun to smell, Katherine... You've gotten so fat - and foul-smelling, it was inevitable that the whole county would hear of your behaviour. My father bought you - along with a piece of land not fit enough for a cow to graze upon. I do not like being talked about, Madame. I do not like being laughed at. I do not like owning a whore!

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