Lady Macbeth evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
The sound of the film is extremely simple to adopt and use, with no modification, no atmosphere design, limited scenes, simple modeling, simple lens language, and concise and powerful narrative lines   .
The film is a revenge drama from a female perspective. From depression to explosion, from pity to disgust, there is only a thin line between kindness and cruelty. The film is full of classical depression from the composition picture to the narrative rhythm, but it tells an eternal proposition.  .
"Repression" is the "original sin" of the camera language of this film. All the characters are poisoned under the camera, even the tables, chairs, stools, plates and spoons in the camera. Most of the interior plays are cool in tone, without any decoration, and the exquisite European-style furniture stands out no matter where they are poked, as if they are playing back with the whole piece of icy dialogue. The actors also look ordinary, and their performances are as plain as their looks, revealing the boredom of life. Whether or not the director did it on purpose, he did manage to take away the full luster of the movie. And the feelings generated in this atmosphere are also dry and bitter  .
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  • Destinee 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    3.5. The actors are all good, but the drama turns abruptly and feels like a face change. The oppressed women will overthrow all the three men who "buy her, possess her, and conquer her". The violent and extreme plot permeates the cold-colored picture, which just renders the final tragic fate of the protagonist. (I originally hated living with women, but there are too many scumbags!)

  • Coralie 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Has nothing to do with Macbeth

Lady Macbeth quotes

  • Boris: Where's your husband?

    Katherine: Wherever you put him.

  • Boris: Do you not think it necessary to keep an account of what happens to my property in this household? All my property! Might I assume you drank it.

    Anna: No, sir.

    Boris: And yet you have no other explanation.

    Anna: No, sir.

    Boris: Get down.

    Anna: Sir?

    Boris: On your hands and knees. You behave like an animal and I'll treat you like an animal. Now, get out!

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