Le renard et l'enfant evaluation action

2022-03-02 08:01
"The Fox and The Child" has a fresh and natural style and a beautiful presentation of the relationship between man and nature. The beautiful landscape world in the film reproduces the real scene of the big forest in the early 20th century - the noise of all beings. With the help of "Utopia" fairy tales, the director vividly paints a world that is gradually becoming one-dimensional and ecologically unbalanced. The rich ecological connotation of the film not only alerts the modern people who consider themselves to be the masters of nature and is good at "rational calculation", but also brings hope to the human beings who have fallen into hopelessness when the ecological disaster is approaching. In the film, the happy children run fast with the fox into the depths of nature, which constitutes a question and irony of the modern urban concrete homes. There is no doubt that "The Fox and The Child" evokes childhood memories of human beings returning to their basics - when nature and human beings were one, and things and I were one. Through the emotional experience of "The Fox and The Child", a pair of living individuals meeting in nature, the film reflects the living dilemma of modern people's frustrated living. Through the 10-year-old girl's "green thoughts", the film quietly started the enlightenment of "ecological awareness" reflecting on modernity, and "love is not possession" has become a prominent ecological proposition  .
Although the story of "The Fox and The Child" is based on children's literature, the film has made a breakthrough that is closer to nature and has great humanistic care in explaining the theme of the text. For example, the film uses a lot of real recording methods for the living habits of foxes. The image of foxes displayed on the screen is not only real and palpable, but also leaves a deep impression on the viewers, so that it is impossible to "deep" in the film. extricate themselves. Therefore, whether in terms of economic benefits or social influence, the film is a very successful adaptation of children's literature. 
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  • Lupe 2022-03-02 08:01:32

    The shot is so beautiful, the story is not my style...

  • Daniella 2022-03-02 08:01:32

    The typical French movie background music is nice.

Le renard et l'enfant quotes

  • Narrator: Somebody had told me that courtship was a strange mix of love and war.

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