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2022-04-02 08:01
The anachronistic pop songs in the film are paired with classic dances. In fact, the effect is quite good, and it can also help attract the attention of children.
"Ballerina" has too many random things, all kinds of jumps, that can't form a whole. ("Los Angeles Times" review)
The film is full of half-formed ideas, too many meaningless pursuit of dreams.
"Ballerina" is a whimsical blush that satisfies one's own wishes, one by one to all the clichés that follow the heart.  
The whole story of "Ballerina" is simple, but not lacking in interest, and the theme core is straight, but there is no lack of depth. In addition to the theme of dreams, the presentation form of the film also combines the beauty of a mix of classical and popular. It not only has the elegance and lightness of ballet, but also has the dynamic and vitality of tap dance. "Ballerina" takes dreams as the main line, supplemented by various types of elements such as adventure, adventure, inspiration, love, etc., so that this cartoon breaks the routine of low animation plots in terms of type, and grafts the characteristics of commercial movies into animated films. The mode, with the theme of sincere focus on personal growth and chasing dreams, resonates widely with the audience, dancing together, laughing loudly, warm and joyful. The high-quality animation, the theme of dreams and personal growth, has profound educational significance.  
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Extended Reading
  • Ashly 2022-04-06 09:01:06

    ⒈Although it is in the form of animation, the overall feeling of the story is based on reality, so that many plot arrangements gave me an illogical disbelief; Lixi's incredible luck, after being defeated by the cruel reality that time, she returned to her hometown in confusion and continued to struggle in other ways; 3. It's good to have a dream to chase; to work hard for it, even if it doesn't come true, it's good to have a clear conscience!

  • Jeromy 2022-04-06 09:01:06

    The first solo dance in a small hotel promoted the relationship between the two and showed their love for dance. The second stage of the fighting dance is the climax. Cool competition is not a good field in Europe and the United States. If it is handed over to Japan, the fighting dance will be very exciting. The ending dance of the last paragraph echoes the dance of dreams led by Swan Lake at the beginning, and the story ends successfully. It's a pity that such a beautiful plot was defeated by a too short choreography.

Leap! quotes

  • Odette: [places a bell on a tree branch] Jump and ring the bell.

    Felicie: Why?

    Odette: Just do it.

    Felicie: You don't want me to dance?

    Odette: No talking. Jump and ring the bell.

    [Felicie obeys]

    Odette: Again.

    Felicie: You said we were going to train.

    Odette: This is it. Again.

    [Felicie shrugs, then jumps and rings the bell again]

    Odette: Felicie, you lack precision and finesse. You have little or no sense of rhythm. You're without balance, grace, and charm.

    [as she says this, she pours water around Felicie, creating a puddle]

    Felicie: [lightheartedly] Come on! You can't tell all that from one jump! Can you?

    [Odette doesn't answer; Felicie hangs her head in shame]

    Felicie: You can.

    Odette: On the good side, you have the energy of a bullet. But you also have the lightness of a depressed elephant.

    Felicie: [surprised] Hey! Mérante used exactly the same phrase!

    Odette: After ten years of cleaning, you pick stuff up. Okay, now jump up, ring this bell, land, and do not splash the water.

    Felicie: [looking down at her reflection in the puddle] That's impossible.

    Odette: [whispers] I thought it was your dream to dance.

  • Victor: [referring to his crudely built wings] I call them... Chicken Wings!

    Felicie: [frustrated] Chickens... don't... FLY!

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