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2022-04-02 08:01
The anachronistic pop songs in the film are paired with classic dances. In fact, the effect is quite good, and it can also help attract the attention of children.
"Ballerina" has too many random things, all kinds of jumps, that can't form a whole. ("Los Angeles Times" review)
The film is full of half-formed ideas, too many meaningless pursuit of dreams.
"Ballerina" is a whimsical blush that satisfies one's own wishes, one by one to all the clichés that follow the heart.  
The whole story of "Ballerina" is simple, but not lacking in interest, and the theme core is straight, but there is no lack of depth. In addition to the theme of dreams, the presentation form of the film also combines the beauty of a mix of classical and popular. It not only has the elegance and lightness of ballet, but also has the dynamic and vitality of tap dance. "Ballerina" takes dreams as the main line, supplemented by various types of elements such as adventure, adventure, inspiration, love, etc., so that this cartoon breaks the routine of low animation plots in terms of type, and grafts the characteristics of commercial movies into animated films. The mode, with the theme of sincere focus on personal growth and chasing dreams, resonates widely with the audience, dancing together, laughing loudly, warm and joyful. The high-quality animation, the theme of dreams and personal growth, has profound educational significance.  
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  • Hosea 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    The whole viewing process is constantly explaining and guiding the little friends: even for their own dreams, they cannot do anything, impostors are dishonest behavior; the only way to succeed is to keep practicing and make unremitting efforts, genius is 99 points of sweat and 1 Dividing inspiration, no pie will fall from the sky; dancing is the same as playing the piano, don’t be a robot, you must experience it with your heart, and play with passion, but this is based on boring training. I'm exhausted.

  • Yasmeen 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    Likes and dreams can cover up all crimes.

Leap! quotes

  • Postman: A letter for Madame Regine Le Haut and Mademoiselle Camille from the Opera. Hmm! Handmade paper! Embossed! Blue ink.

    [Felicie grunts and angrily takes the letter off his hand]

    Postman: [offended] Oh, how rude! Children today have no manners!

    [the postman leaves]

  • [last lines]

    Victor: That really is... my girlfriend.

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