Leaves of Grass evaluation action

2022-03-02 08:01
The script is excellent, and it's a fun cannabis comedy. In the film, Edward Harrison Norton plays two roles, one is a hippie-style drug dealer, and the other is an old-fashioned scholar from a famous school. This pairing is not interesting.  
The film tells the story that happened between the two twin brothers in a documentary way, which not only mixes the collision and blending of the two lifestyles, but also the strong feelings between people. Violence and ugliness, warmth, truth and goodness, two different behaviors, and dual roles with different personalities are presented on the screen in an extreme form of representation. Even if the subject matter of the narrative is not new, the value of the subject matter explored is not outdated.  
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  • Anthony 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Saw the movie because of Edward Norton, but even Norton couldn't save the movie with a mediocre plot. All I can say is that the actors are good

  • Amara 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Norton's usual strong acting is about the dualism of love and fear. Whether it is a respected professor of an institution of higher learning, who starts with a discussion about maintaining his spiritual world, or a "ruffian" who grows marijuana, he comes out with a speech that insists on his pure natural cultivation method. In fact, through the phenomenon In essence, the two brothers are the same kind of person. The film also slightly satirizes religion, which makes me like it, and the soundtrack is very good

Leaves of Grass quotes

  • TV Reporter: Now, one curious aspect of this case is that the swastikas were drawn backward, indicating either haste or a lack of familiarity with this most infamous of anti-semetic emblems, or perhaps rather more implausibly... that Hindus were involved.

  • Bill Kincaid: [Janet has just caught a monster catfish with her forearm through its mouth, called "noodling"] You have a spiritual objection to monofilament?

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