Life in a Day creative process

2022-03-29 08:01
The film, directed by Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald in collaboration with YouTube, is a very meaningful attempt to make an experimental film. They want to find some really good material on YouTube, shot by ordinary people, and pick out what's interesting. So the producer called on the global netizens to capture the daily life on July 24, 2010 through the platform YouTube. Kevin Macdonald served as the director and was responsible for selecting and editing wonderful short films, and Ridley Scott served as the supervisor. Kevin Macdonald told netizens through the channel of the event on YouTube that the video asks everyone to think about three questions: the first question is, what are you most afraid of in life now; the second question is, what do you like; the third question Yes, what makes you laugh. From the beginning to the end of the event, netizens from 192 countries (regions) participated and received as many as 80,000 short videos, with a total duration of 4,500 hours. In the end, the main creative team selected 1,125 video clips from tens of thousands of clips and edited them into a 95-minute film   .
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  • Man: I actually love my refrigerator. It's such a cool thing. It remains at one corner. It keeps its mouth shut. I love my refrigerator. Nothing else but my refrigerator!

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