Like Sunday, Like Rain evaluation action

2022-01-29 08:10
"Like Sunday, Like Rain" lacks Hollywood-style surprise climaxes and unexpected plot twists. It simply records the encounter and separation of a girl and a teenager.  
The film brilliantly dismantles all definitions of stubbornness, rendering those secular notions of sharp boundaries utterly ineffective for these two men. This is a particularly difficult story setting. It is particularly easy to slip into topics such as mundane, class, and age gaps, and makes people ignore the core of deep interaction at the spiritual level, but the film is done very well.  
Leighton Meester plays the confusion of an ordinary girl perfectly. Ordinary is harder to navigate than dazzling for such an exceptionally shaped actor.  
The movie "Like Sunday, Like Rain" was shot slowly and beautifully. Underneath the literary appearance is an old-fashioned heart of a love movie, which makes people sneer while watching and even want to give up, but when they see the end, they forget the previous disdain. I don't want it to end like this.  
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Extended Reading
  • Ally 2022-01-29 08:10:17

    It's nice to have money. If you have money, you can take you to a hotel in the middle of the night, you can give you the gifts you want, and you can take you to eat delicious food. I'm too vulgar, although this film doesn't really say that...

  • Abby 2022-01-29 08:10:17

    You and I meet on the sea of ​​the night, you have yours, I have mine, the direction; you can remember, it is better that you forget, the light that shines on each other when they meet...

Like Sunday, Like Rain quotes

  • Raj: [playing chess in the park] Anyway, I have to go to karate camp.

    Reggie: That sounds awful.

    Raj: Why on earth does Dad think I need to learn karate?

    Reggie: Maybe because you're constantly getting your ass kicked.

    Raj: What I'd really like to do is this hip-hop dance camp.

    Reggie: That should do wonders for your profile... Don't do that.

    Raj: Easy for you to say. You get to sit in the park all day with your hot-as-hell nanny.

  • Reggie: [Eleanor getting obnoxious texts from Dennis] Another thing about Gerard, he used to work for John Gotti.

    Eleanor: Who?

    Reggie: Gerard, my driver, he used to be a soldier for Gotti.

    Eleanor: Mmmm, is that so?

    Reggie: He may still have some ties to some of those folks. I was thinking he might be of some assistance.

    Eleanor: With What?

    Reggie: Your situation.

    Eleanor: I don't follow.

    Reggie: Your situation with your boyfriend.

    Eleanor: Oh my God!

    Reggie: He won't be an issue in your life after that, trust me.

    Eleanor: Are you outta your mind?

    Reggie: It used to be his job.

    [restraining a smile]

    Eleanor: Would you just drop the subject please.

    Reggie: He could just go and have a little talk with him.

    Eleanor: I appreciate your concern and all.

    Reggie: It's just a suggestion.

    Eleanor: I told you not to worry about any of that... Jesus!

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