Lust for Life evaluation action

2022-04-09 08:01
"Lust for Life" is a biopic. The director divides the film into two parts and presents the whole process of Van Gogh's artistic career to the audience   . From the perspectives of Van Gogh's work, emotion, and painting, the film shows several transformations of Van Gogh's spirit and painting art, reflects the artist's unique artistic spirit and personality charm, and reproduces Van Gogh's fanatical pursuit of painting art   .
"Lust for Life" describes Van Gogh's growth trajectory with stunning visual and spiritual effects, allowing the audience to have a further understanding of the historical and cultural factors in the evolution of his style. The film shows the audience the distorted self-image of Van Gogh, and shows the influence of these factors on his indifferent and lonely personality, as well as the inner creative intention, creative thinking, technique and ideological culture of his works. It makes the audience further realize that Van Gogh's painting creation not only has external factors, but more importantly, it has a certain relationship with his complex psychological and emotional changes. One main thread that runs through the film from start to finish is Van Gogh's creative passion and perseverance, and the other is the brotherhood between Van Gogh and Theo. The whole film is about the fate of genius, full of Van Gogh's persistence and firmness in his artistic life, and his unremitting pursuit of life. The director used the whole film to show the audience a real Van Gogh, telling the world an eternal truth: real gold and diamonds, even if they are buried and covered by dust, will one day be discovered by people. It is shining and eternal. The light   .
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Extended Reading
  • Fabian 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    The life of a genius is a life of misery. Character determines destiny. Van Gogh is passionate and persistent, and he is so passionate about his beliefs and career that he releases huge energy. Seeing him and Gauguin for a period of time feels very sad. If Gauguin's character It's not so conflicted, maybe the result will be better, but it can't be assumed that this kind of thing is really hard to control the loneliness of living outside the crowd. I saw it in the end of the celebration when I saw it.

  • Eileen 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    After reading the original book, two hours are too short, so it is very running. The gloomy, lonely and somewhat neurotic Van Gogh is not in the movie at all.

Lust for Life quotes

  • Durand-Ruel: [outaide the Exhibit of Impressionist Paintings] I am sick and tired of these cheap jokes! Art is a serious business. And in Paris at least, an artist with a new idea should be inside...

    Elderly Gentleman: [interrupts] For once I agree with you Durand-Ruel. Impressionism is not a joke: it's a *cancer*, and it must be cut out. Condone anarchism in the arts and you seal the doom of France!

    Durand-Ruel: What whould you do? Pad up the galleries and ship the painters off to Devil's Island?

    Elderly Gentleman: These men are shameless! They load pistols with tubes of paint and fire them at the canvas, and then have the audacity to sign their names; Cézanne, Signac, Pissaro, Gauguin, Renoir, Monet...

    [scene fades out]

  • Camille Pissarro: It's the problem of translating light into the language of paint.

    [points up]

    Camille Pissarro: Those leaves there: if they were the only thing in sight, they'd have one color - their own. But the shade and reflection of everything around - the sky, the earth, the water - give them more than their own color. That's why when you paint from nature, don't fix your eye on any one spot.

    [looks and motions all around]

    Camille Pissarro: Take in everything at once. And above all, don't be timid. Trust your first impression.

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