Mad City movie plot

2022-02-03 08:09
Max was an excellent news reporter on TV, but he was demoted to a small city for offending powerful people. He was unwilling, and hoped that one day he would kill it and return to the carbine and return to the mainstream position.
Sam joined the Air Force upon graduation from high school, but failed to achieve his ideal of flying due to his lack of higher education. After returning to his hometown, he worked as a security guard, but he was fired by the Natural History Museum after doing a good job. He had to get that job back for his wife and children. When he was looking for the curator's theory, it happened that Max also came to interview. The curator didn't listen to Sam's complaint at all. Sam angrily raised his gun and pointed it at the curator. This situation is what Max wants. It is the most valuable news, and it is a golden opportunity to make his future run   .
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    1. It's a bit funny to say.. Do you know the mileage in the car? That's how I felt at the time. Da Da Da Da... It's back to 0. 2. I can't tell her I'm unemployed. Every day is like a Get dressed like a fool and go out, find a movie theater, sit for a whole day. 3. I complained about my paycheck before. When I can no longer get it, I realize that it is the little piece of paper that supports it My whole life. 4. "I retired from the Air Force because they

  • Toby 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    The procrastination of the plot is not worth scrutinizing, but the theme is good, and the interests of the news media come first.

Mad City quotes

  • Max Brackett: A man has been shot; a line has been crossed.

  • Max Brackett: You've got to ask for a fast car, a Learjet or a Greyhound bus.

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