Made in Dagenham evaluation action

2022-03-28 08:01
And they did.
British women are bold, handsome, strong and sexy. This is the temperament I feel in them in the movie. very attractive. Women should be proud of it and men should be lucky. Because there are such perfect creatures living around us.
The plot of the film goes smoothly without any delay. I don't even know where to start recalling to write this article. In the inspirational struggle, all kinds of difficulties encountered are excavated in the story.
Fight the unions and face their cunning
Prepare and erect required equipment with colleagues
Run in with friends and coordinate internal conflicts
Quarrel with family, explain the true meaning of marriage
Meet the country, stay true to your beliefs
Our heroine has created a woman with all the wisdom and virtue a woman can have, and when I say wisdom, some may question it. I say this because of a speech at that Nationwide Workers' Union speech. Her friend's story begins with a humorous opening in her mouth, and then goes deeper and deeper. A perfect match between a WW2 warrior experience and his own beliefs. In the end, he won the favor of the trade union and realized his ideal. Approved by husband. Is this not wisdom?
In fact, it also got my appreciation. Only equally attractive men can get the attention of high-quality girls, which is also my goal in the future
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Made in Dagenham quotes

  • [Rita gives an impromptu speech at the trade union conference]

    Rita O'Grady: My best friend lost her husband recently. He was a gunner in the 50 Squadron in the RAF. Got shot down one time, on a raid to Essen. And even though he was badly injured, he managed to bail out. I asked him why he joined the RAF, and he said "Well, they've got the best women, haven't they?"

    [audience laughs]

    Rita O'Grady: And then he said "Well, you've got to do something, haven't you? You had to do something, that was a given. Cos it was a matter of principle. You had to stand up. You had to do what was right. Cos otherwise you wouldn't be able to look at yourself in the mirror." When did that change, eh? When did we, in this country, decide to stop fighting? I don't think we ever did. But you've got to back us up. You've got to stand up with us. *We* are the working classes - the men *and* the women. We're not separated by sex, but only by those who are willing to accept injustice and those like our friend George who are prepared to go into battle for what is right. And equal pay for women *is* right.

  • [following her talk with Rita, Connie and the rest of the Dagenham women, Barbara Castle makes a statement to the waiting journalists]

    Barbara Castle: I am delighted to announce that, following our talks this afternoon, the 187 Ford machinists *will* be going back to work on the 1st of July. They will receive an immediate pay rise of seven pence an hour which will put them at 92 percent of the male rate. However this is not all. As a result of our discussion, I can confirm that the Government is in full support of the creation of an Equal Pay Act, and by the autumn of this year I guarantee appropriate legislation to ensure that this act becomes law!

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