Magadheera movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
In 1609 AD, in the Kingdom of Yodhagdan, the beautiful Princess Mithravida Devi fell in love with the first Magadheera Karabihailawa, but the princess already had a marriage contract: the general of the kingdom, Rana Devi Bila. The eight planets gather, the kingdom will be destroyed, Sher Khan is eyeing the border, and is about to invade. In the martial arts competition, whoever catches the princess' silk shawl will get the kingdom and marry the princess. Magadheera used courage and wisdom to retrieve the princess' silk shawl, but she lost the courage to be with the princess under the king's concerns. Nadvibila was expelled, but sold the entire kingdom to Sher Khan. The princess and Magadheera, who went out to pray, escaped, but were surrounded by enemy soldiers on the cliff. Shere Khan did not believe that Karabihailawa could kill a hundred people, so he sent a demon army to attack with a hundred people. In order to protect the princess, Magadheera killed a hundred people in a row with two arrows in his body, and finally won the respect and friendship of the Khan. Khan could not help because of his promise. Magadheera kills Ranad Wibila, but fails to stop the dagger he nearly throws at the princess. Under the begging of the princess before her death, Magadheera confided her love for the princess and followed the princess who fell off the cliff. The two couldn't hold hands in the end.
400 years later, in reincarnation, Magadheera became a racing driver. When he was rushing to Bangkok to participate in the racing driver competition, he saw a girl in the rain, Indu, who was blocking the car in the rain. Arriving at the girl's hand, the feeling of being electrocuted, in the purple electric current, hundreds of years of time passing by in the electric current, the blue sky desert, the galloping horse, the beautiful princess , among the countless pictures, there are two always. The hands that cannot be touched are desolate and poignant, sad and sad. The racer gets off the car desperately and runs wildly in the rain. He can no longer recognize her face in the crowd. What kind of emotion is that, even if you don't know her appearance, life experience, character, and conduct, you can still love her deeply. Magadheera, who can't recognize her close lover, begins an interesting journey of finding people with her lover. Unfortunately, the enemy Rana Devibila has also been reincarnated as Indu's cousin Hasha, the ruthless he longed for Indu, during a disturbance caused by his attempt to kill Magadheera, in order to avoid the horses, Magadheera touched again. Indu's hand finally recognized that the girl who was close at hand was the love he was looking for. History always repeats itself with striking similarities. Magadheera, who was framed for killing Indu's father, was forced to separate from Indu. In this lifetime, can Magadheera rescue Indu and save the tragedy that is about to repeat itself? Past and present life, the most wonderful thing is always It is to hold your hand and never let go!
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  • Ranadev Bhilla: If I don't get something, no body will.

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