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2021-11-27 08:01
"Marley and Me" is not artificial at all. Both Irving and Aniston deliberately shielded the bad ailments in previous comedy films-using kitsch and exaggerated expressions to tickle people. In this film, it looks very impressive. Yes, it is also very real. () 
What’s surprising about Marley and Me is that the ending of this film is quite important, and the relationship between humans and animals is worth thinking about. () 
"Marley and Me" is unaffected and capable of moving people. Such a movie is very rare. It is definitely not a superficial popcorn commercial film, but it will not be as difficult to interact with the public as a film exhibition. Enter a good film for the general audience in a sincere way. It talks about the lives of the male and female protagonists, and Marley is one of the huge factors of change, but when they finally look back, they unknowingly have vitality because of it, and become rich and colorful. It's so varied that you might not be aware of it right now. This kind of subtle touch is very precious to be photographed well. After watching the movie, maybe you still can’t say what Marley is so good about. It won’t help you bring in newspapers or guard the door to catch the thief. It will only create a lot of problems for you when you are very busy. Even knocking down a child, it was so noisy in the middle of the night that people couldn't sleep. It was just an ordinary dog. The point is that it is the dog of the hero and the heroine, and their family. In this way, it will be a heart-warming tear-gas club. It's urging to choke. Marley not only brought laughter to the family, but also made the protagonist and heroine realize what they really love.
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Marley & Me quotes

  • Jennifer Grogan: You're part of the plan.

    John Grogan: Oh yeah?

    Jennifer Grogan: My plan... Step 1: Meet an incredibly sweet, smart, sexy man.

    John Grogan: Done. Step 2?

    Jennifer Grogan: Marry you instead.

  • Arnie Klein: There's gonna come a time very soon, when her ankles are gonna swell up, she's gonna have blotches all over her face, she'll be forty pounds overweight, she'll be throwing up all the time, she's gonna look at you and she'll say "You bastard! You did this to me!"

    John Grogan: What happened to the glow, you know the...

    Arnie Klein: There's no glow.

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