Mary and the Witch's Flower movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
Mary, the protagonist who just moved to the Red House Village, discovered the mysterious flower "Witch's Flower" in the forest that blooms every seven years. That flower is actually the forbidden "Witch's Flower" that was stolen from the witch's kingdom in the past. Mary, who was given a mysterious power that could only be used for one night, was admitted to the highest institution of the magical world, "Under University", which towers over the sea of ​​clouds. When Marie arrives, she tells just a lie that sets off a big event soon after that affects her most important people.
The principal who pursues the Witch's Flower, Dr. D who conducts a strange experiment, and the red-haired witch with many mysteries, and the encounter with the boy Peter. Then……
In order to escape from the land of witches, Mary obtained the "spirit of spell" and planned to put an end to all magic. But it was then that Mary would soon lose all her powers. The truth about the "Witch's Flower" that is about to be unraveled. All that was left for Mary was a broom and a small agreement. In a world full of magic, Mary is just a powerless human being, what is the hope nurtured in the dark.
Mary met - shock and joy, past and fate, and then, with her little courage, touched the hearts of every generation. 
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  • Alexandra 2022-04-05 09:01:08

    Ah, I really like the story of this "Little Witch's Three-Day Experience Card". I can always dream that I am flying over the castle. The golden glittering style of the magical world makes me feel full of happiness. Isn't this the greatest joy of watching a movie? It has all the familiar Ghibli elements: broom witch, clear boy, mysterious forest, city in the sky, flying in the wind, all kinds of funny and cute little characters without lines, anti-modern technology... Magic University is full of wonders

  • Della 2022-04-23 07:06:07

    do not like it so much…

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