Miss Violence evaluation action

2022-07-20 23:36
The film involves incest, death and domestic violence, and such extreme settings may cause physical discomfort to some viewers. Especially that absurd family is an extreme example in reality. The indifference and ruthlessness of the society presented in the film brings the audience a chill to the bone. The violence and indifference presented in the film also transcend the bottom line of many viewers. The creator hopes to alert the audience with such an extreme story to convey his ideas. (   )
The film is very thoughtful in terms of conception and film language, but on the whole there is still a deliberate sense of "expression for expression's sake". The biggest flaw is the arrangement of the foreshadowing. A good foreshadowing should have no trace and still have an impression. When the foreshadowing is revealed, the audience will have a sense of satisfaction, but every foreshadowing in "Miss Violence" will make the audience realize that whether it is a birthday party. The eyes of the two sisters is still the grandfather driving the girl to park in the dirty alley. You all know it is a foreshadowing, and you can even guess what it will be used for. Because it is too obvious and not advanced. (   )
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Miss Violence quotes

  • Father: Next time smile more. Otherwise they won't even screw you for 30 euros.

    Myrto: You didn't pay.

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