Mister Lonely evaluation action

2022-07-11 09:43
To most viewers, "Mister Lonely" is a somewhat convoluted film, with its meaning vague and its music used too much. Of course, for those who like this movie, "Mister Lonely" is the kind of movie that can give people a lot of experience   .
After eight years of dark and claustrophobic life (some of which was spent in rehab), the dreaded Harm is back, however, it has to be said that his return this time is a disappointment, his work on Michael Jackson and The romance between Marilyn Monroe's imitators is a rather quirky fairy tale   .
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  • Michael Jackson: I don't know if you know what it is like to want to be someone else, to not want to look like you look, to hate your own face and to go completely unnoticed. I have always wanted to be someone else. I have never felt comfortable the way I am. All I want is to be better than myself, to become less ordinary and to find some purpose in this world. It is easier to see things in others, to see things you admire and then try and become that. To own a different face, to dance a different dance, and sing a different song. It is out there waiting for us, inviting us to change. It is time to become who we are not. To change our face and become who we want to be. I think the world is a better place that way.

  • The Pope: Do they not know that their little arms are too short to box with God?

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