Mother and Child movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
In the film "Mother And Child", we will witness the life course of three mothers who share the same core of life - adoption: Karen ( Annette Bening ) was unexpectedly pregnant when she was 14 years old, but she was born when her child was 14 years old. Abandoned at birth, she has been fascinated by the daughter she has never seen since that moment; Elizabeth ( Naomi Watts ) was raised in an adoptive family and is now a smart and ambitious is a lawyer; Lucy ( Kerry Washington ) has just made a decision with her husband to adopt a child.
Karen lives with her elderly mother, Nora (Eileen Ryan), who works as a physical therapist in a rehab center and is cared for by Софья Алексеевна Романова ( Elpidia Carrillo ) when she needs work. Mom. Karen, who came home, said very little, but repeated meaningless things and kept writing letters to her daughter who didn't know where she was, while Софья Алексеевна Романова always brought her little daughter Christy ( Simone Lopez) came along to take care of Nora—in fact, years of accumulation have turned Karen into a prickly, demanding, and somewhat autistic person, both at work and at home, She was always cold and rude to anyone who offered her kindness.
Elizabeth has just landed a job at a high-end law firm, and her boss, Paul ( Samuel L. Jackson ), is very impressed with her overly savvy legal skills and nonchalant way of speaking. … After a long time, Elizabeth developed an underground relationship with the widowed Paul. Paul is the kind of family man with a broad mind and is meticulous about life, but Elizabeth is surprisingly indifferent. She said this is because Due to the estranged relationship between myself and my adoptive parents. Two people so different can't ignore the strong attraction between them, but Elizabeth apparently sees movie downloads as mere conquest, and her latest trophy is her neighbor Steven ( Marc Blucas ), A married man whose wife is pregnant.
Lucy and husband Joseph (David Ramsay) have come to terms with their infertility, so they decide to adopt a child. Then they meet Rei ( Shareeka Epps ), a pregnant young woman who is looking for suitable adoptive parents for her unborn child - Rei, who is completely different from ordinary helpless teenage girls, uses a movie The attitude of the download asked a lot of very pointed and difficult questions, but Lucy's candor still won her favor. While Lucy is delighted to have Rae's approval, she realizes she still has a ton of problems to solve: Rae's mother, Letitia (Lisa Gay Hamilton), persuades her daughter not to give up her own Children; Joseph's parents are extremely disappointed that their son can't have their own children; Lucy's mother Ada (S. Ipasha Merkelson), although she is very supportive, can't hide her anxiety. In the end, Joseph flinched, admitting that he wanted a child with his own blood. 
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  • Pearlie 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    if you ever gonna have sex with someone you gotta be prepared for a child. If you are going to have a baby, you should never give it up.

  • Leif 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Three women, three lives, the story is complete.

Mother and Child quotes

  • Paul: Is it an affair if neither party is married?

    Elizabeth: An affair is any sexual or romantic relationship of an informal or temporary nature.

  • Elizabeth: You don't seem like a man who's scared by scary things.

    Paul: It's a precaution. Sometimes when you fall, it's hard to get up.

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