Mother's Day movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Beth (Jaime King), a beautiful real estate agent, uses her position to buy a large house ready for auction. In the days of the approaching tornado, she and her husband Daniel (Frank Grillo) invite George (Shawn Ashmore), Dave and other friends (Tony Nappo) to a party at their home. At this time, three uninvited guests, Ike (Patrick John Flueger), John (Matt O'Leary), and Adri (Warren Kole), broke into the room. They are the previous owners of the house, which was taken away by the government because they could not repay the loan. In order to start a new life, the three brothers rob a bank at the behest of their mother Natalie (Rebecca De Mornay), and in this last operation John is badly shot.
The three brothers quickly took control of all the people in the house, and under Natalie's command, they began to prepare for their escape. And in this process, the friendship and kinship of both the honored guests and the guests have undergone cruel tests.
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Mother's Day quotes

  • Addley Koffin: [after blowing Dave's head off] I am so sorry. I did not mean to do that.

  • Treshawn Jackson: You can't be serious.

    Addley Koffin: I'm as serious as a goddamn lynch mob.

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