My Summer of Love movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
Monais a rural girl. At the age of 16, she has a married lover, and she has always wanted to be free to live her own life. Her brother Ferryoften brings unnecessary trouble into her life, and to make her even more upset, she recently broke up with her lover. Until she meets her peer Tasmin, a wealthy girl living a pampered life. They both hope to have a free new life, and they quickly become friends, and they are attracted to each other. The two talked about everything, including sister Tasmin. The friendship between the two turned into same-sex love, and then they rode around on a motorcycle, looking for a life that belonged to them, and didn't want each other to disappear from their lives. Mona's brother still found her and forcibly locked her. Mona decides to run away from home, but when Tasmin's sister appears in front of her, Mona knows her lover cheated on her. Tasmin begged for forgiveness, wondering if Mona would forgive her for it. 
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  • Else 2022-03-20 08:01:47

    Nathalie Press is decadent and wild, and plays really well. The film is youthful, bold, and emotionally natural. And the scenery of the film is fresh and the music is quiet. Mona uses her paranoia to prove that love has dignity. British GAY slices and LES slices are strong

  • Rosemary 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Summer is the season of love. The sunny summer in the UK is the most beautiful. The whole is golden tones, and Natalie Prius's blonde hair and freckles are small and fresh~

My Summer of Love quotes

  • Tamsin: This is Edith Piaf. I just adore her. She was this marvellous Parisian woman who had such a wonderfully tragic life. She was married 3 times & each husband died in mysterious circumstances. The last one was a boxing champion and she killed him with a fork. She didn't even go to prison because in France crimes of passion are forgiven.

  • Mona: I don't feel I'm in my own town.

    Tamsin: What d'you mean?

    Mona: It don't feel the same. I quite like it from here... with you.

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