Nana movie plot

2022-03-03 08:01
In this world, there is always someone with the same name as you. Maybe when you meet, your fortunes will be intertwined.
Nana Komatsuand Nana Osakiare both named NANA, but they are two girls with different personalities and experiences. Komatsu Nana is innocent and cute, but she was born in a greenhouse and does not understand accidents, and there is only her boyfriend in Xiaotiandi. Nana Osaki comes from a broken family, she has a strong personality, acts decisively, and aspires to be a rocker. Fate made these two Nana with opposite personalities meet in the station of life.
Komatsu Nana goes to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend. On the train, she was seated with Nana Osaki, the lead vocalist of the rock band. After arriving in Tokyo, the two separated, but they met again in the same room, and they became the same room. Although the two have different personalities, the extroverted Osaki Nana and the introverted Nana Komatsu can complement each other in character and become good friends at first sight. Nana Osaki also met a bass guitarist who she hoped would bring some fresh air to her "Black Rock" band.
However, the relationship between Komatsu Nana and her boyfriend went from bad to worse, and she finally found that love was not as perfect as she thought. In the disappointment of love, she unexpectedly won a concert ticket for her favorite band TrapNest. She wanted to share this joy with Nana Osaki, but Nana Osaki refused to go to the concert with her. It turns out that Osaki Nana is in love with TrapNest's guitarist Ren Motojo. Lian Bencheng is the ex-boyfriend of Nana Osaki and the former bass guitarist of the band "Black Rock".
In the end, Osaki Nana went to the concert. The moment Benjo Lian stepped on the stage, the fans cheered heartily, while Osaki Nana was in the front row with tears in her eyes   .
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  • Laney 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    69081 Play Group + Dream Chasing + Friendship is the same type of film as "Joy and Road", "Bandage" and "Tokyo Friends".

  • Krystel 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    Like, there is another self in everyone.

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