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2022-04-01 08:01
The first half of the film is slightly lengthy, although this makes the emotional transition very delicate, but the rhythm is too slow and the sense of form is too strong, which affects the quality of the film. Director Reichardt captures the actors' psychological changes very well, and Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg and John Peter Sarsgaard also display the psychology and emotions from the inside out quite naturally and accurately. All these ensure that a small-format film starting from the topic of "environmental protection" has broad and profound social significance   .
The story of "Night Moves" is like a social news adaptation, both in terms of setting and shooting style. Such stories, images, narrative structures and methods are nothing new and surprising compared to other films   .
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  • Yvonne 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    Scores that need to be overturned. Idealism is disillusioned because the purity of the ideal is tainted, and in the pursuit of the ideal, the ideal must be tainted. This is the unsolved paradox revealed by the film. More and more I understand Kelly Reichardt's way of creating characters. They are like a reappearance of history in a state of emotional vacuum, and the turning of history often depends not on precise arrangements and planning, but on unpredictable variables. Don't expect to take history as a mirror, history can only be looked back.

  • Agustina 2022-04-01 08:01:02

    Is the orderly narrative really because of composure? Not necessarily, the story is really thin. If the male protagonist is not Jesse and no matter how much the depth of the performance will be discounted, even many plausible motives will be nowhere to be found.

Night Moves quotes

  • Josh: Yeah, it's got to be big. If people are going to start thinking anyway... Killing all the salmon just so you can run your fucking iPod every second of your life. And that's what's gonna happen. People are gonna start thinking. They have to.

  • Dena: We're coming up on the Dakotas.

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