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2021-10-18 09:27
The film is a sharp, dark, ironic, and unforgettable thriller. Jack Gyllenhaal created the pinnacle of his acting career. It can be called "Desperate Driving" in 2014. ( ) The theme of "Nightcrawler" involves a lot of social and moral criticism, but the most important thing is the criticism of the social economy. And the provocation of moral corruption in the second half of the film makes the film a magical sublimation. ( ) It seems a bit counterintuitive to show "Nightcrawler" on Halloween, but then again, what's wrong with showing such an explicit and gripping anti-social portrait at this time. ( ) Starting from a humble place, "Nightcrawler" made a bitter and funny mockery of the news industry, job market and self-help culture one by one. ( )
The great thing about "Nightwalker" is that it does not overly denounce the greedy side of human nature and shows and portray the inner salvation of the protagonist. Instead, it hopes to dig into the deepest level of the core of human morality. When facing it, human Reaction and choice. ()
This is a classic film, not only because every scene and every story clue is fascinating and without redundancy, but also because the theme is so cruel and precise. Gyllenhaal’s brilliant performance is far from the only highlight of this impeccable film. Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut is full of crazy ridicules of broadcast media and alludes to the actions of these media that make the audience live in In an insecure false space. The background setting of the film is very clever, the rhythm is very tight, and the disturbing reality vulgar melodrama, and Gyllenhaal's outstanding performance is the finishing touch. ()
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    Nina Romina: I think Lou is inspiring all of us to reach a little higher.

  • Rick: Hey man don't film that, he's one of us

    Lou Bloom: Not anymore, Rick, we're professionals, he's a sale

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