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2022-04-14 08:01
1. The theme song of the film uses "Norwegian Wood" sung by the Beatles. This song has extraordinary significance for both the original novel and the film. The film producer started negotiating with the copyright owner of the song very early, but it was not available until the filming was completed, and the producer Shinji Ogawa even considered using the cover version for a time. Finally, after more than a year of unremitting efforts by Ogawa and Anh Hung Tran, the license was finally obtained.
2. むらかみはるき participated in the script modification of the film. For example, the line Naoko said when Watanabe celebrated Naoko's birthday, "If only people could stay between eighteen and nineteen," was written by Murakami. 
3. The first public preview of the movie "Norwegian Wood" will be held at the Okuma Lecture Hall of Waseda University. Waseda University is むらかみはるき's alma mater and one of the filming locations. 
4. Matsuyama ケンイチ's first impression of Mizuhara Kiko is that she doesn't look like Green, because Suwon had waist-length hair at that time. Later, in order to match the green look, Suwon cut off his proud long hair. 
5. Naoko's confession of his past to Watanabe on the grassland is the highlight of the film. The film crew laid a 120-meter-long track on the grassland, and used the camera to follow the two people walking side by side. This five minutes and six seconds of the scene was shot in one shot.
6. During the filming of a meal scene, Matsuyama ケンイチ ate twenty eggs over and over again. 
7. When the film was released in mainland China, some passionate scenes in the film were deleted. 
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  • Curtis 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    The movie version of "Norwegian Forest" is completely used for fast-forward viewing. The temperament is wrong, and there is no blood on the original. The director and actors have insufficient literary literacy and no imagination, or lack of background, so they have time to write long articles. to this question. Before watching the film, I was thinking that no matter how bad this film is, it will be made into a mournful and touching dew point cute film. The result is really small and refreshing, numb, Kikuchi Rinko has been exposed in "Babel Tower", do you still care?

  • Toby 2022-04-20 09:02:58

    I thought it was Harry Potter at the first shot. The most uncomfortable thing is not necessarily the problem of adaptation, but the camera movement throughout the book. It's too unfamiliar. I'm used to watching the Japanese shadow with a fixed long lens. To this day, I still can't accept Kikuchi Rinko's Naoko

Norwegian Wood quotes

  • Toru Watanabe: Nothing can heal the loss of a beloved. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can heal that sorrow. All we can do is live through the sorrow and learn something from it. But whatever we learn will be of no help in facing the next sorrow that comes along.

  • Naoko: Please remember me forever. Please always remember that I existed and was here by your side. Will you promise?

    Toru Watanabe: I promise I'll always remember.

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