Odd Man Out movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
In Northern Ireland Port City Belfast in the early 20th century , a secret group of the Irish Republican Army robbed a company's cash cabinet. Team leader Johnny McQueen, who had just escaped from prison, also participated in the operation. After the huge sum of money arrived, Johnny was at the end to cover others, and was shot and wounded by the guard during the melee, and he killed the guard. Johnny slipped into a hideout and passed out. The police searched the city,and two companions sacrificed to find him. Johnny gets help from the citizens. Kathleen, who was left behind by the secret group, was closely monitored. At Father Tom's house, she meets poor Han Shel who sells birds for a living. Shell finds Johnny, and the priest wants to turn Johnny over to the police. Shell finds Johnny at the house of the neighbor's crazy painter Rucci, and seeks revenge at the priest's house. Kathleen stops Shell and finds Johnny herself. As Kathleen escorted Johnny to the harbour to leave by boat, the police surrounded them. Kathleen took out a pistol and fired. After the gunshots rang out, Kathleen finally found a home with her beloved.
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Extended Reading
  • Aryanna 2022-04-06 08:01:02

    1. The poignant snow scene, the fierce light and shadow; 2. "I don't support you, but I don't oppose you."

  • Jerald 2022-04-06 08:01:02

    3.5. "Come to me and see it." "I can't." It is rare to see such a weak male protagonist! = = The whole film is almost walking dead, super passive, and unlike most classical Hollywood scripts, which are driven by the character's initiative, this film relies on accident (think A Star Is Born, James Mason is basically special). The end of the snow scene is mysteriously moving. A strong sense of fate, a reminder of the time motif (the first and last scenes of the feature film, the ship's flute). Three fantasies. The image of all living beings in the city (the first half revolves around the "unexplained IRA-like political identity", some people betray, some sympathize but cannot be contained; the second half: Shell, a wretched bird breeder who wants to sell the protagonist, wants to use death to achieve A highly artistic painter, a depressed medical student cheered by the rescue of the protagonist). The low-level layout of the emotional relationship between the male and female protagonists relies on the interaction between the eyes and the small to create a sense of constancy.

Odd Man Out quotes

  • Inspector: I'm sorry, Father, but it's my duty to bring this man to justice.

    Father Tom: That's the duty of all of us.

  • Lukey: [about painting a portrait of the wounded Johnny McQueen] There's something to be said about him before he dies.

    Tober: And about all of us.

    Lukey: I understand what I see in him.

    Tober: What is it?

    Lukey: It's the truth about us all.

    Tober: Is that all?

    Lukey: He's doomed.

    Tober: So are we all.

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