Offside movie plot

2022-07-14 21:45
A group of Iranian girls tried to disguise themselves as boys in order to get into the stadium to watch a big football match, but unfortunately, they were found and arrested because Iranian law prohibits women from entering public stadiums.
The background is the 2006 Germany World Cup qualifier held in Teheran , Iran in 2005. It was a key match between Iran and The Kingdom of Bahrain . A large number of fans went to the stadium to watch the game. The story tells the story of six girls (who are also fans) who tried to sneak into the stadium, but were found and arrested by the stadium guards. Ten minutes before the end of the game, they were escorted by the guards to the Interpol team, and they and the guards cheered when they heard the radio in the car that the Iranian team had won.
There are six girls with different personalities in the film. The director uses clever arrangements and dialogues to appropriately outline the personalities of different girls who are also fans. Some of them are nagging, but they are actually football girls; some dare to wear the uniforms of the guards, but weep when they learn that they may be sent to the military court; some dress up like boys and fight like boys, Just as rude, but with a good heart. They are cute and lively, exuding vitality, and their personality is bold and full of charm. More than once, they asked the guards who guarded them why they were not allowed to go to the football, why Japanese girls could go to the football, but they were not allowed to be born in Iran. The guard replied: Your father, brother, husband, oh, you don't have a husband yet. Wouldn't agree with you watching football where a man full of curses would show up. They won't let you get hurt.
The guards are conscientious but impersonal. When a girl rushed to the toilet, the young guard chased away all the men and blocked a large group of irritable fans at the door, so that the girl could solve the problem with peace of mind. When the other guards attacked one of the girls, the captain of the guard confronted him: We are not arresting them, they are our sisters, I am their father, brother. Even in the prison van that was taken to the guard house, the guard kindly adjusted the radio and celebrated Iran's qualifying with the crazy girls.
There is a father who has been looking for his daughter. When he saw his daughter's friend in the line of arrest, he couldn't help but yelled at him and even stepped forward to do it. she takes away. Although he still failed to find his daughter until the end of the film, we can still vaguely see the image of a stern and kind father.
In such a conservative and closed country, what this film expresses   is not a breathless depression, but a little warmth out of love.
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