Once Upon a Time in Wonderland movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
In the Victorian era of England, the beautiful young Alice (Sophie Lowe) tells the story of a strange world on the other side of a rabbit hole. She has traveled to this magical land to explore and encountered an invisible a cat, a hookah-smoking caterpillar, a horde of talking pokers, and so much more.
There is no doubt that people believe this "problem girl" is crazy. Her doctors thought of many ways to treat her, even trying to make her forget everything. Deep down in Alice's heart, she knows the world is real, but she's ready to leave it all behind—especially the painful memory of love. She falls in love with the handsome and mysterious Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) during her adventure in Wonderland. They love each other deeply, but in the end they are separated and can never see each other again.
In the nick of time, the sarcastic Jack Hearts (Michael Socha) and the irresistible Mr. White Rabbit (John Lithgow) come to rescue her from her doom. The three of them will go down the rabbit hole in Alice's dream together - to that magical "Wonderland".
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  • Easton 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    【13.10.26】Watch 3 episodes in a row. Love incompetence. Hmm~ What kind of style is this kind of TV series? Fantasy?

  • Mossie 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    Although there is a lot of dog blood, the plot design is very interesting. I looked through imdb several times during the process of reading because of the accent problem, and finally confirmed that several leading actors are indeed British...8:20 Knave is my favorite...Jaffa looks like Jackie Chan, and then I checked, he is Ewan McGregor and David Thewlis' classmates... Rotten is too young

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