Osama movie plot

2022-07-10 17:36
The mother is a doctor. Her husband and brother died. The dean has no money to pay her salary, but she still has a mother and daughter to support. In desperation, three generations of women discussed cutting off the little girl's hair and letting him pretend to be a boy to go out to earn money. There is no way for the mother, the mother and daughter need to eat and survive. Girls pretend to be boys to go out to work, and the Taliban force boys to study, read the Quran, and learn how to fight. And the way Muslim men bathe. The boys all laughed at "him" for being girly and questioned "he" as a girl. When it was known that he was a girl disguised as a man, she ran away. The ignorant boys chased after her and beat her. She was arrested and sent to court. A small Taliban leader told the Taliban judge that she was an orphan and gave her to Mullan, an old and short man. Mullan, who was in his 70s, drove the donkey cart and sang "Hong Kong Gu Gang Gu Hong Kong". To let her choose, the girl did not choose, he chose the biggest lock for the girl. Since then, the youth of a thirteen-year-old girl has been locked, and the life of a woman has been locked   .
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