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2022-04-05 08:01
"Pad Man" is inspirational and touching for two reasons. First, it takes advantage of role dislocation to make men cry for feminism, which is much better than women talking to themselves. Second, it interprets the concept of "one person's success is not successful, but helping a group of people succeed is called success". However, the logic of the film is inconsistent and the rhythm is unreasonable, resulting in redundant and protracted plots   .
The film relentlessly depicts Lakshmi's attack on him after the exposure of Lakshmi's wife making pads. The repressed atmosphere and tension made the audience doubt the film's comedic positioning. Although the first half of the film has been filled with various laughs, it eventually cancels out the impact of the plot. In addition, the contradictions of the film have been highlighted enough, and the slightly excessive sensational and rendering of some plots have distorted the originally full emotions. Good performances, though, can make audiences more empathetic, and Akshay Kumar's warm but powerful performance manages to do just that. In this real-life story environment, his sincere performance has the power to touch the hearts of the audience and make the story more convincing. Sonam Kapoor's performance is not surprising but still remarkable. While the main contradiction of the film is clear enough, there is not much need for the emotional line, but as a standard green leaf character necessary in the biopic genre, Kapoor also completes the task well. In terms of focusing on women's status and rights, the film performs better than "Wrestle! Dad", "Mystery Superstar", "Toilet Hero" are more straightforward. From the "little love" for his wife at the beginning to the "big love" for all Indian women, although the change is not very convincing, the film's final UN speech scene successfully completed the emotional advancement. When Lakshmi uttered such eloquent words as "the good of women, the good of the country" in poor English, the audience would no longer feel contrived. This is where the film succeeds and the meaning of the biopic's existence.  .
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  • Jasmin 2022-04-05 09:01:08

    After helping the girl repair the toilet, she started making sanitary napkins. The male protagonist said it very well: "If a man is strong, the country will not be strong; only if the woman is strong, the mother is strong, and the child is strong, the country is really strong." Chinese filmmakers should really learn from their Indian counterparts. Films about the society come out. PS: The male protagonist has returned to the family, but I think he and the female second are really in harmony with each other. This is politically correct, which is a pity.

  • Nicolas 2022-04-12 09:01:10

    I believe that many people are like me, very disappointed with the ending! Parry is so good, the three perspectives and souls fit together, but he returns to his wife. Why! The concept of the same will not be happy!

Pad Man quotes

  • Lakshmikant Chauhan: Bloody men... half hour... half hour bleeding like women... they straight dying!

  • Lakshmikant Chauhan: You thinking I mad. But mad only becoming famous!

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