Painted Skin: The Resurrection movie plot

2022-03-08 08:01
The demon fox, Xiao Wei, was frozen in the ice hell for 500 years because he violated the rules of the demon world by saving people. In the face of fate, Xiao Wei, who escaped from the ice cave, has only two choices: either he is caught back by the ice tongue of the ice hell, or he can get a true adult who is "actively dedicated". Xiao Wei searched for a target until he came across Princess Jing, who ran away from marriage and was disfigured by an accident.
Xiao Wei soon discovered that the princess had a different heart, and she pinned all her ideals of becoming a human on the princess.once a childhood sweetheart and extremely guilt-ridden , is surprised when the princess shows up in Baicheng. Facing the princess, he couldn't accept the sudden reality that the princess escaped from marriage and was ready to run away with himself. Xiao Wei discovered Princess Jing and Huo Xin's subtle psychological state, and her plan was born. She instilled into Princess Jing that a man's love for a woman was nothing but lustful love, implying that the ugliness of the princess's appearance was the reason why Huo Xin dared not accept the princess' love, and she did not hesitate to confuse Huo Xin with a witchcraft, when the princess was dressed in Xiao Wei The skin seduced Huo Xin, and when she first experienced the pleasure of the flesh, she began to believe in the power of beauty that Xiao Wei said.
At this time, the Heavenly Wolf Kingdom is approaching and intends to grab the marriage, and Huo Xin tries to resist and redeem his love with death. At a critical moment, he was rescued by Princess Jing, which greatly stimulated Huo Xin. He understands what love is, and being together in the name of love, even in death, is the true meaning of love. The farewell of death dramatically changed the attitudes of the two women. The relationship between Xiao Wei and the princess changed from seduction and coercion to conspiracy. Exchange your heart for the princess' heart. The princess' determination to die for love, Huo Xin's courage to fight for her sincerity, and Xiao Wei's efforts to change her destiny with all her might, finally produced a miracle at the moment of the solar eclipse. 
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  • Erika 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    "Those who know me say my heart is worried, and those who don't know me say what I want"

  • Reymundo 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Now the blockbusters are all based, and the blockbusters are all based on Xun brother. Brother Xun is against the sky! So handsome and beautiful! ! ! Can be attacked! ! !

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