Paradise Hills evaluation action

2022-04-05 08:01
Paradise Hills, despite its shortcomings, is full of imagination. The film lacks narrative depth, the film's plot arrangement is not strong enough, the description of Omar's true love Marcos is not enough, the story does not create enough time urgency, and even the detailed regulations or treatment in this institution that makes the audience extremely curious. The characterization is also not specific enough.
But there is no doubt that the crazy and unique imagination in the film is enough to conquer the audience. Alice Waddington uses a skillful approach to build a visually captivating and engaging world within a tight budget, and many viewers may think that such a story may be more suitable for presentation in a miniseries. After the first half hour, the film seems to be starting to falter, failing to provide an exciting, entertaining, substantive way to engage audiences with the issues of identity and gender equality mentioned in the story   .
Omar in Paradise Hills represents a rebellious, free-thinking spirit sent there to be a better representative of herself, and in this near-future world of social hierarchies, that means learning to accept women's inferiority status and accept the role of women   .)
The title doesn't sound funny, but it does look great. It's a hyper-feminine world crafted to look like a beauty that suffocates the audience. The film doesn't have a strong sci-fi aspiration, and it's about much more than evoking adolescence in an oversized setting   .
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Extended Reading
  • Kimberly 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    The gorgeous version of Escape from Clone Island... Poison Ivy, the villain... The Hunger Games Mockingjay... Very delicate, not suitable for filming but suitable for TV series.

  • Frederik 2022-04-05 09:01:08

    Rich people think that Paradise Mountain is a very good character transformation center, similar to the kind of Internet addiction treatment, no matter how perverse children can be transformed into obedience. Of course, the truth is not so simple. The rich children who went to have been replaced by new people when they came back. The poor are willing to undergo multiple surgeries to become another person in order to live a worry-free life. Such a theme, if it is completely dark and thrilling, is still interesting. But in order to reflect the contrast, the film spends a lot of time describing the harmonious and beautiful life in Paradise Mountain, leaving too little dark part. And there's really no need to get a Dryad out. The reversal is okay, the climax is too short.

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