Patti Cake$ evaluation action

2022-10-21 17:46
The film is a draft music film that focuses on people more marginalized than "The Voice", mixing "8 Mile" street rap and "Little Miss Sunshine"-style "loser success". The film starts with an inspirational look and feel, and the next series of plots are almost predictable. However, the audio-visual language and story details are still well designed. Dreams are precious, but the road to dream is the most powerful place. In the face of insults and ridicule, maintaining dignity and fighting back with strength, this kind of drama can always burn to the audience. The director incorporates his own musical experience in the film, "The realism of the private goods brings a stirring emotional concentration. The film is a proper mix of hip-hop, rock, folk and death metal, and the director has all the lyrics and music to make this film. The real "author" movie is full of talent, and achieves the effect of magic sound in the ear  .
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Patti Cake$ quotes

  • Patti: [to Barb] Act your age.

    Barb: [to Patti] Act your race.

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