Peacock movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
Small town bank clerk John was abused by his mother as a child until his mother finally ended a year ago
For a great sadomasochistic career, let go of the world.
But John's mother is gone, and Yu Wei is still there. John has no way of balancing the pain in his heart anyway, and escaping the pain of sadism usually has two options, fall in love with the abuser, or become the abuser.
In view of John's mother's death, John can only choose the latter, so he split off a female personality called Emma to take care of his daily life instead of his mother.
Since then, John has led a happy and harmonious schizophrenic life. Every morning he turned into Emma and started to make breakfast, and then at 8:15, Emma changed back to John and ate the breakfast he made, and calculated his private money behind Emma's back. After get off work, John took a comfortable swing in the park for a while, enjoying a private world, and went home to sleep at night. Male lead outside, female lead inside. Emma does housework, John earns extra money, and it's fun.
Until one day, this peaceful little day was broken by a locomotive. There was a train accident there. While Emma was happily drying clothes at home, a derailed train crashed into his backyard, knocking Emma down on the spot.
The mass tour group arrived and witnessed Emma in women's clothing. Then they agreed that Emma was John's daughter-in-law who married everyone behind his back. Emma ran away, went back to the house to exchange for John, and went to work in a trance.
John and Emma agree that the locomotive in the yard is a nuisance, putting them at risk of exposure at any time. But due to the inefficiency of the railway operations department, the locomotive had to stay in the yard for two or three days.
John hadn't figured out how to get rid of Emma, ​​when the mayor and the mayor's wife came to his house early in the morning. Bump Emma who is making breakfast. It turned out that the mayor wanted to use this locomotive as a tool for political struggle, and was going to hold a meeting around the locomotive in the backyard of his house. The plan to tow the locomotive was also delayed indefinitely. As a result, John, an ordinary schizophrenic, was also involved in the torrent of the times.
Emma shaved her eyebrows in front of the mirror in order to strangle John. John's handsome eyebrows fell like a sigh, and Emma's eyes showed a determination, a determination to embrace the sick self and let go of the weak self. This morbid strength makes my heart hurt.
"After John died," Emma wanted to adopt a little John, but strangled John's personality to death. The inner personality replaced the outer personality, but she regretted it, so the little John was let go.
It ends with Emma staying at home and peeping at the outside world.
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Extended Reading
  • Jodie 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    It's an interesting story, quite like Psycho. Was ELLEN and CILLIAN chosen by Nolan for Inception like this? Oh, LUCAS is so charming in everything, Hard Candy Girl is mediocre, but the rich second generation is very good, female The makeup is very beautiful and skillful, but unfortunately the film doesn't seem to be very well known!

  • Jerrod 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    I tried my best to escape, but it was an endless loop! Peac0ck.2010.DVDRip.XviD-GFW

Peacock quotes

  • Fanny Crill: Kids give you so much.

  • John: Mr. French, what would you do without me?

    Edmund French: Find someone more reliable.

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