Pennyworth movie plot

2022-04-18 08:01
"Pennyworth" is a TV series with Fu as the main character, and is a spin-off of the " Gotham " TV series. The TV series has been confirmed by "Gotham" producer Bruno Heller as the producer of the TV series, and the background of the story will also be set in 1960 London. 
Created by Bruno Heller, the director of Gotham, set in London in the 1960s, Thomas Wayne is described as "a young, childlike billionaire from the East Coast, confident and extremely self-disciplined, this young The aristocrat meets an unexpected partner - Pennyworth," who is "boyly handsome, happy, charming, intelligent, sincere, moody, and you wouldn't think he was a special forces killer."
British singer and actor Paloma Faith as Al Fu's antagonist, Bet Sykes - a high-energy, abusive, sharp-toothed villain;
"Roma" star Polly Walker as Bet's sister Peggy Sykes, "Lancashire's busiest and most successful female abuser (the SM kind)," and a sensible parent of a mentally ill, loyal, resourceful family , owns a strange but strict moral code;
Jason Fleming ("Two Smoking Guns") as bad guy Lord Harwood.
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