Phantom movie plot

2022-03-29 08:01
"Phantom" is adapted from a true story. It tells the story of the Cold War period, when the old captain Demi was tasked with driving the diesel-powered ballistic missile submarine B-67, which was about to be retired. In good shape, but we need an archaeologist to activate her") on her final voyage. Also on board were two KGB technicians, as well as a strange device. Demi was told that this was an experimental mission, and that a device called the Phantom could confuse sonar detection of the B-67, causing the enemy to mistake it for another ship. The "Phantom" experiment was successful, and the B-67 successfully escaped the US military's detection. But the KGB people suddenly defected and controlled Demi and others. It turned out that they had a second step plan: disguised as a Chinese submarine and launched nuclear missiles.
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Phantom quotes

  • Pavlov: [learning Demi is epileptic] If it gets back to the Party that we knew about his condition... we could be spending the rest of our careers scraping paint.

    Alex: I'm not gonna tell 'em.

  • Pavlov: You realize this is supposed to be your patrol.

    Alex: Well, if it was supposed to be mine, I'd be the captain.

    Pavlov: Well, as far as we know, the Party already knows about this and wants to see how you perform under pressure.

    Alex: Oh, yeah? How am I doing?

    Pavlov: That man has a nuclear firing key.

    Alex: And you and I have the other two.

    Pavlov: Captain Kozlov...

    Alex: [pushing him against a bulkhead] If you're ready to relieve the commanding officer of a Soviet ballistic missile submarine, your captain and your friend, because he fainted... then you go right ahead. I'll be in Sonar.

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