Poison Ivy movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
The famous American Hollywood star Drew Blyth Barrymore once played a lovable little girl Godie in the famous sci-fi blockbuster "Alien", and in "The Sea of ​​Desire", the Barrymore that the audience sees is no longer the same. Another little girl, she has grown into a mature and sexy big girl.
Qianwei is a rebellious and wealthy girl. By chance, she meets Ivy who has a completely different personality from her own. Her warm and open demeanor and unique mysterious color shocked Qianwei. Curiosity drives her to think. Befriend her.
Due to fate, Ivy lived in Xiwei's house, but disasters followed one after another. My father was tempted by Ivy to cheat, and my mother fell into a building and died.
Part II
Lily went to study in Los Angeles from her hometown. She lived in the student dormitory and saw the dead Ivy's diary. Because of her lack of confidence, she dreamed of becoming a beautiful and attractive girl for the bold assumptions in the diary. In between, the hostility between the two led to the destruction of the professor's marriage. Later, the professor fell from the building and died. Lily finally realized that she didn't need to be new and reconnect with Goding.
Part 3
The protagonist of the film is Ivy's younger sister, Van Oli (played by Jamie Presley). She has a bad heart and goes to visit her good friend Josie's house. In order to avenge a betrayal 11 years ago, Van Oli begins to use beauty. Sex and tactics, the planned temptation of Joss' father and boyfriend. Soon after, Joss' entire family fell into panic and deception, and Van Oli's revenge plan had fatal consequences.
Part 4
After the mysterious death of a student at the long- lost University of New England , DANIELLE still decides to leave the town where he has lived for many years and go to the university. This innocent country girl decides to escape the shadow of her parents' death and start a new life. DANIELLE knows that she must escape from the past to find out the ultimate truth.
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Extended Reading
  • Melody 2022-04-23 07:05:26

    The heroine is really a bitch, the second girl is too stupid. Drew really went the porn star route in the early days. . . But she really interprets the femme-scorpion woman deeply into the hearts of the people, so beautiful that it is too beautiful to be squared, and too coquettish to be blasphemous.

  • Newell 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    The plot is meaningless. Drew Barrymore is radiant. In the face of desire, it is difficult to control oneself, but it is also easy to be attacked.

Poison Ivy quotes

  • Sylvie Cooper: A lot of people think death is contagious.

  • Sylvie Cooper: I always seem to be looking at life from the wrong side of the window.

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