Polisse evaluation action

2022-03-31 08:01
"Polisse" directly tackles social problems. This is an unexpectedly good film. Whether it is the overall style of the film or the courage to face social problems, this film shows the ambition and strength of winning awards.
The film adopts a documentary style and revolves around the daily work and life of a group of police officers in the child protection center of the police station. The seemingly trivial, fragmented and incoherent plots build the entire content of the film, and even a clue that runs through the film cannot be found. For such a group whose job content is different from that of ordinary police, their job is to entangle with criminal suspects who abuse, molest children, lure children to commit crimes, etc. In daily life, there are only discordant husband and wife life, husband affair, colleague disputes These short and trivial things for parents, but such a film is not dull at all, on the contrary, because of the humorous, vivid and life-filled dialogues in the film, as well as the vivid performances of the actors, it is full of fun. Instead, it played a role in speeding up the rhythm of the film.
Beneath the trivial plot and seemingly aimless ridicule, the director's thoughts on child protection, a social issue, are hidden. When adults face children, what is the clear line between normal and reasonable expressions of love and obscenity and other harmful behaviors? In addition to highly subjective judgments such as motivation, they rely on the scale of behavior itself. Whether the judgment and ruling are fair and reasonable, several groups of shots at the end of the film express the director's thinking.
In such a film that is deeply trivial 80% of the time, and feels heavy 20% of the time, the scene in which one of the protagonists, iris, jumps off the building at the end brings a lot of attention to most of the audience. The impact is not too big. Facing the double pressure of work and life, she finally chose to end her life when everyone was carnival.  
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