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2022-01-11 08:02
"Possession" especially highlights the cruel elements, and even contains a lot of Cthulhu elements. In addition, the film's paradoxical plot and political innuendo are one of its most controversial reasons. The film has been unable to get rid of the horror atmosphere created by the director for a long time. It is not the bloody and madness of the plot that is trembling and fearful, but the director Andrzeg Zulawski's long drive, vigorously and straightforwardly digging into the dark part of human nature. Open, bloody, take it out, show the audience to look directly at the possessiveness and love in everyone's heart, let the audience see the infidelity and betrayal in the feelings, and people will fall into the abyss of signing a contract with the devil under the imbalance of desire. These terrible and irresistible pressures from a given number of fate are just like the cruel external force that Aalto has been emphasizing, slowly invading the depths of the soul and burning everything.
Every time a wife and husband meet in the whole film is accompanied by a hysterical quarrel between the two, trembling screams and fights continue to inject cruel pressure into the whole film. The physical collision in the couple's quarrel is far beyond the scope of ordinary family conflicts. The hysterical wife's behavior is convulsive and rigid, as if her throat is strangled by invisible claws, and heart-piercing screams run through every hero and heroine of the film. Get along.
The male protagonist Sam Neill is very talented in acting, and his perception of the role is relaxed and grasped in the details of the role. The Mark he played when he was alone, fell on the bed anxiously and trembled and trembled, like a dying snake. Or sitting in a rocking chair, and the camera shakes with the swing of the chair, making the whole picture dizzy. The stacking of these plots, like charcoal constantly being stuffed into the stove, pushes the whole movie to a white-hot state a little bit, and the invisible repression hits the face, and the audience does not get a chance to breathe. At the end of the film, the audience sighed. The heroine Anna’s betrayal was not because she didn’t love, on the contrary, she loved too much, but she was afraid of love, so she chose to betray first. This seemingly unbelievable choice actually shows that Anna’s desire and fear are overwhelming. The unbalanced psychology is selected by the devil and manipulated her to lure others to sacrifice their flesh and blood in order to nourish evil thoughts.
From the haggardness at the beginning to the gradual madness, until the climax of the whole story-Anna stood in the church looking up at Jesus, with a weird groan in her throat. Out of the church and into the empty subway passage, she began to scream hoarsely. This crazy scene lasted for nearly three minutes. The audience behind the camera was like Anna, who was strangled by a demon. There was no sound. A woman possessed by a demon is a portrayal of everyone's true desires. Isabelle Yasmine Adjani's acting skills make Anna's role vividly interpreted, and her beauty has also become a weapon for creating a horrible atmosphere.
Director Andrzeg Zulawski continued the pure "dramatic language" in the film, whether from a film perspective or from a spiritual perspective, this setting achieves the same or even stronger effect as the sound language. In the past, the vocal language that promoted the development of the plot was replaced by the mad performance of the actors, and the active actions were used to reveal the hidden deep meaning. The strong spiritual effect and plot significance brought by other films were beyond the reach of other films. The director used a simple story, using the feeling of possession as a clue to connect the relationship between the characters, the wife's possession of the husband, the lover's possession of the wife, Helen's possession of Mark, the devil's possession of desires and hearts, etc., setting up contradictions everywhere. Plot: The country divided by the wall, the family divided by betrayal, the heart twisted by struggling, merge into a horror story full of cruelty and violence. This story is like a shot in the heart. People regain their sanity and introspection, allowing people’s increasingly rigid thinking and mind to rejuvenate after the fire burns, and begin to reflect on everything about themselves.  .
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  • Cameron 2022-03-27 09:01:15

    After listing [Repulsion] as one of the top ten, the best horror movie I've seen. Zulaski's shot is extremely emotional. What complements each other is that Isabel Adjani is completely lost in the hysterical manic-depression. No less than Catherine Deneuve's nervous and terrifying paranoia. It is true that the theme expression is slightly fragmented, but the anxiety and depression are always accompanied, and the effect is quite amazing! (The electric blue dress is so beautiful....

  • Bernhard 2022-03-28 09:01:08

    Later, when I was walking on the road one day, I remembered this film for some reason. I remembered Adjani's hysterical roaring and maddening in the damp and dirty underground passage. It turned out that it was an external expression of her feelings. That kind of twisted and crazy feelings, you can't control yourself. Extremely addicted, even if it will eventually be destroyed, it will sink without risk of death. So willingly.

Possession quotes

  • Anna: What I miscarried there was sister Faith, and what was left is sister Chance. So I had to take care of my faith to protect it.

  • Bob: Don't open! Don't open! Don't open! Don't open! Please don't open! Don't open it! Don't open! Don't open it! Don't open!

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